7 Problems Every Extrovert Understands

7 Problems Every Extrovert Understands
7 Problems Every Extrovert Understands
Published on 11/19/2017
7 Problems Every Extrovert Understands


Introvert never thought I'd be actually glad to be one but I live in a house full of talkoholics aka extroverts & they NEVER shutup!
REAL extroverts. Not the new-wave extroverts, which is the notion of "Talking to everyone via internet but nobody in person."
I think this video refers more to outgoing people.. because, as I understand it, extroverts are the ones that get their energy from being with people.. Now, while I agree the people on this video seem very energetic and happy around their friends, that does not mean they don't need some alone time to recharge (introverts).
People do misunderstand my intensity and think I'm flirty it sucks hhaha Evy Anahi Sotelo
I'm so sorry you have to be friends with me after watching this Sara Van de Roovaart Aspen Plummer but like especially the very beginning. Again, I am so sorry. LOL JK YOU'RE WELCOME FOR MY FRIENDSHIP LADIES
After watching this I have to say.... Thank you Greg Kramer (the talking loud and movie part) and Kacie Vaughn (the can't say NO and being overly excited part) for putting up with me and loving me 😂🙋🏼😝 #sorryNotSorry
Joshua Heidi the headphones one is literally me at work
Abby Bartha Lauren Ashleigh Cardwell Sinead Fay Fortune Amber Irving Joe Keats Kiren Sandhu Liam De La Harpe Nick Angelopoulos Nikki Wishart holy shit this is me
I feel kik I can relate in a way .... Might be wrong tho ... Hmm what y'all think hahaha Jason Burds Andrés Segura
Story of my life! Bahaha
When I'm at the gym and the person on the treadmill next to me has on ear phones I can't even take it! I want to rip them off their head BC they aren't talking to me... I mean I'm awesome to talk to! 😂😂😂
Lol I'm like this with people I know with strangers I'm silent and have the witch look on my face so people think I'm mean
Lol I mean this in the very best possible way, but this video reminded me of you a little bit Shelby Burns 😝 always saying yes to things and carrying on conversations that you might not really care about 😂
Robyn Nagourney Karina Isabelle Olivia Michelle Reyes Lauren Besecker Olivia Kleiman Maxine Gimbel Jenn Chaiken Jamie Schachter Rachel Scheckman Samuel Trub Andrew Sokoler Rebecca Bonder Sarah Yaffe Anna Helfrich Anna DeSapio Erica Hinck Krystina Hanntz Yael Schwarzman basically my life :p
Morgan Winner I literally just felt like I was watching a movie about myself bc that's how real this is to me I never shut up
Seeeee Papi! I knew I wasn't crazy ! fewwww I thought I was the only one! I'm glad they understand! Sergio Estrada that's you on the couch with me watching a movie lol
Literally every girl i talk to:thinks I flirt when i'm just being positively excited. Awkward silence is the enemy
OMG it's a video about me to a tee Tamara Grace Olivia Gen
I don't get a single one of those. Thanks be unto whatever powers, because these people seem like the type I try to do without.
Patricia, Smriti, Michelle, Rebecca, Amy, Judith, Felicia, Sandraa
Am I the only one that is reminded of Patty while watching this?? 😂😂😂
Love you, Patty ❤️
Joe Getty I'm sorry for talking during movies/shows and for having no filter. But I'm not sorry. At all. And I probably won't stop. Ever.
I don't think I'm a complete extrovert but hilarious how I can relate to some things hahaha I'm sure you can too Preet
Mita. Emily. Margaret. Jonah. THE STRUGGZ
I'm sorry James Schultz...I'm extroverted it's not my fault!!! I talk during movies or Republican National Conventions...it's not my fault!!! Lol. Love you!!!:)))
LOL "watch this by yourself at home if you want to sit in silence" I don't think I'm an extrovert 🤔 but that was relevant Anthony Joseph Cavieles
Maria Mercedes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no puedo parar de reírme kajajajakaka demasiado yo Dios mío que ladilla soy jajajajaja espero me amen igual Michelle Matarazzo Estefanía Yepez ❤️
Oh my God this couldn't be more true 😂😂 Stephen PLEASE watch this lol especially the part w watching the movie
Omg the movies. I can't stand sitting in silence! There's so much going on and I wanna talk about all of it!
this is basically my entire life Hannah Tapscott Kasey Roache Jack Butler Luke Jensen omg
Welp. Think that's all me and mostly you too. Haha we talk during movies. Get bored easily haha. Tambi Lynn Helmick
Mary Jean even though i consider myself an introvert, I feel like this is me at work 😬 especially the part with the headphones
Interesting... I wouldn't consider myself an extrovert, yet I relate to all of these problems so well....
Nicole Lackey Dowling - the talking during movies!! Micah Stoute Sr. has to pause it 20 times and explain it to me. Also, the headphones are your enemy. So true. 🤣🤣🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Always thought I was an introvert but I think I'm actually just an awkward extrovert. 🙃 Olivia Strode Maria Navarro Olivia Morgan
Giovanni Sergio Rios Chantelle Fares Genevieve Mati Bon Bon Charline Andrea Bustamante Ashley Raad Jennifer Saouma Yasmina Jazzy Zuhbi George GH Hanna Billy Billiris Herm Chafei
I think there's a difference between male and female extroverts lol I'd like to see a guys version 😁
Trinity Tran the whole can't say no they double book...oops and the whole "I think they think I'm flirting with them"
Is it possible to become one, my Moma taught me lol. She never has her mouth closed unless asleep. 😆
Jake Motta never considered myself an extrovert but this hit WAYY close to home...especially the movie, and overbooking...
John Lindsay, this is one of the 2 BuzzFeed videos I've ever actually sympathized with😅😜 This is me all the way!
Ida-Maria und Anne ! Es gibt mehr Menschen, die nicht flüstern können... "You're yelling and no one's here yet.."
I found this funny cause that's so me haha everything from the headphones to the flirting to the last scene where she makes her self interested and gets caught in a conversation hahaha Kyle Hight
Woah....... I wouldn't consider myself an extrovert but don't ALL of these seem like ME?! Please watch!!! Joshua Gentry Nina Schiffer Sarah Laney
Christa Weddle Cassie DuBore Stefan Kiehn Natalie Nelson Instead of Natalie saying her inner monologue outloud she just snaps it. haha
The struggle is real yo. Although I'm actually quite introverted for an extrovert, so I've learned to control myself. I've learned that there are times when hugging strangers is acceptable and other times when it is not haha.
Noe Justin Saldana Bailey Nicole Waynick now it all makes sense lol except for the movie part... Most movies, or the good ones anyway lol
I always thought I was an introvert, now watching this, not so sure lol Johnn Joseph Fredys Garcia Nikki McInnis Luis Falcon
Gina Cervantes April Rios i didn't think i was an extrovert but i related to this on so many levels.
I deeply relate to this video. I think you guys might as well ahaha Rory Roderick Macleod Alex Brown
Anna Jennings Katie Meeke Bethany Peacock Emma Hinds Erin Gray Bethany McCartney
Finley Bloomfield Bailey Nelson Tessa Lewis Catherine Raynel Victoria Parsonson feel my painnnnn ;) hahaha

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