7 Moments That Are Terrifying For Indecisive People

7 Moments That Are Terrifying For Indecisive People
7 Moments That Are Terrifying For Indecisive People
Published on 10/21/2017
7 Moments That Are Terrifying For Indecisive People


It took me a minute to decide whether or not I wanted to watch this 😳
You forgot trying to pick something from a menu and forcing the poor waiter/waitress to come back every 10 minutes to see if you decided yet. 😰
or coming up with an ID/username ... like it will represent you
I'm scared of how accurate this is
story of my life
i also look up reviews online when i can't decide!
The candy isle is hell x.x
It takes me like hours to decide if I want to buy something online and then another hour or two to look at every internet shop I can think of to see where it's cheapest. Don't get me started on how difficult it is to choose what I want for dinner.
Who the hell gets in a line in a coffee shop without an idea of what they want?
Getting your nails done is a toughhhhh One
Cashier: "Do you want the receipt back or do you want me to place it in the bag?" :-/
That spiderman hoodie tho
Why do people say nickel back sucks? Their better than most of the crappy music that comes out now.
Nickelback does not suck, thank you
Being indecisive + being rushed = torture. True story. XD
When it comes to deciding where to go and what to get this is so me. 😂😂
"Nicholas Cage is creepy, but nickelback sucks" lol my favorite part
It's comforting to know that there r ppl sharing the struggle. Thanks guys. Lol
Lol looking at the reviews in stores is so me.
Where do you want to eat?? Worst question ever!
Picking a new game out at Gamestop's one for me. I've never more indecisive then when I'm in that place.
"Eenie Meenie Miney Mo" it. If there are no reviews. Or....go for something else entirely and repeat the process. Or get more than one thing. :p
This is my life. Sometimes I'll have to let three or four people get in front of me in line while I decide. Drive-thrus are hell for me!!
Hind Imzil : I'll take chicken wrap and deluxe..no..cheeseburger and chicken burger...oh no...I'll try the salad...but how are the nuggets? -_-
I work in customer service and indecisive people drive me up the freaking wall! Especially when they want me to choose for them, I'm always like, "sure I'll pick for you! What's the most expensive thing we have?".
haahahahahahaahaha, true story ;)
libras life :(
I would've just bought both deodorants if I couldn't decide. Then I would've tried to watch a movie before I went out for girls night. Decision making is not my strong suit. Lol
Yo the netflix thing is so true. I get to the point where I just scroll with my eyes close and pick something that way.
I think I just realized how indecisive I am...and now I'm feeling indecisive on what to do about it.
I spend more time trying to decide on a movie on Netflix than watching. Also any time I am asked where I want to go, I panic...
Recently watched were Parks & Rec and Gilmore Girls. Nice 👌👌
Don't forget driving and deciding to turn left or right. 😂
Omg, this video had me laughing so hard. This is soooo me! 😂😂😂
Haha yeah me too. And im the worst at choosing where to eat or ordering food lol! And when she told her friend yes and then someone else walked in and asked if she wanted to watch a movie i get so nervous when that happens hahaha! Pamela Reynaga
Makayla Huemmer Ryan Bethay Katie Baldwin 😂😂
What about when they take a buzz feed quiz with all those choices
Nickelback does not suck. I really don't get why they get so much hate.
Hahaha, sooooo me. Especially the Netflix one
Actually struggle at life. @meganjacob
Let me just say two words
So many flavours...
Ashley this is the most accurate depiction ever lol... They should make one on friends of indecisive people 😝
no ones going to mention the spiderman onesie
hello, it's me.
Totally u
Reeza this is you every time.
this describes me so much
ThAt is so me!!

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