7 Middle Child Problems

7 Middle Child Problems
7 Middle Child Problems
Published on 12/11/2017
7 Middle Child Problems


Lizeth the not paying attention to the middle child is not true.
Buzzfeed should do problems of being an only child...there are more then you'd think....
I'm an only child. I got everything :3
Soo only 2 good things about being the middle child?
i hate being the middle child.
Daniel Valdillez Ana Ruth Valdillez
Me Cheryl Gomezz
William Nguyen
Johnette Howells Anneli Howells
Dalia Ahmed
Aboudy Fakhoury Denise Elbazi Diana Fakhoury tru
Megan McGregor
Amal Elhajj Saber Amin Elhajj Iman ELhajj 😒😒😒
Alexa Hinkle
João Souto Gabriela Feltrin
Denver Smith Cassidy Smith
Mollie King Moira King
Diarmuid Doherty your problems
Christie Marie LeCompte John Paul Jones Sarah Jones because y'all all are sorta kinda middle child
Matt Jolley Ryan Jolley ha
Cody Hamilton
Amanda Lowe and Shannon Lowe :)
Kina Coutavas Angie Coutavas
Olivia Grace Madeline Adams
Aia Wakid the advantages don't really apply to you
Isabelle Freitas
Isabella Holmgren
Justin Julie Eric Elizabeth
Stéphanie Boulé-riley Martine Boulé-Riley Karyanne Trépanier Kélya Trépanier Coralie Trépanier Coralie et moi sommes peut-être désavantagées, mais nous allons devenir fort probablement les Présidentes des États-Unis d'Amérique, ce qui veut dire GOUVERNER LE MONDE MOUHAHAHA
Reggae Wentworth Shady erkennsh es problem? 😄😊😘
Juan Camacho Ricardo Camacho Javier Camacho Alexis Esparza hahaha poor cayo
Melissa Holman Preston Holman
Kristina Lopez Annie Altschuler Lopez Luis Lopez Amanda Lopez
This made me laugh! Poor Krissy :p
Omniah Tariq Rodriguez-Alghadban Amarah Alghadban 😒
Patty Lara Yecenia Martinez
Heather Batman Francisco Olmedo Cynthia Cervera literally my life
You need to get off Facebook lmao Samantha
Ella Ella Jones😂😂😎😎
Tina Safarian
Michelle Bologa Jenna Pimentel Samantha Pimentel what I got from this is Sam is going to be president. Soooo is there anything I can do for you Madame president?
Evie Coultas
Rj Cantu hahahahahahahha Kaylan Johnston
Erika Lucero -.- Jajq
So does this mean I'm gonna be president?? Preach it middle child
Does not true we love u❤️😍
Jason Mitrev
The young child kinda looks like Mable from gravity falls
yyyeeess i understand his pain

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