7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You

7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You
7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You
Published on 10/20/2017
7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You


My cat has taught me: that when the food bowl is full, it's really not full enough. When the floors are clean, we must vomit on it. That 3am is the perfect time for a jog around the house. 2 belly rubs is acceptable, 3 is deadly. Blame everything on the dog. Fear every and all strangers and random invisible enemies. Also; don't give a fuck about anything because cat. 😺
Kinda wish it was another "Dear Kitten " video instead.
My cat taught me how to do the resting bitch face 24/7
My cat taught me that if you get stuck in a plastic bag in the middle of the night, you're supposed to run around as fast as you can until it comes off. In the process, your goal is to scare the living day lights out of everyone by sounding like a machine gun.
My cat taught me it's ok to meow at the neighbors through the window when they walk by
it's ok buzzed, you don't have to make videos every hour
I know that my uncle's cats taught me never to get one .
My cat taught me to wake up early every morning. Actually, my cat attacked my feet to wake me up early every morning.
My cat taught me that it's okay to hate and hide from strangers..
Mine taught me biting is an excellent form of communication when the attention you're getting isn't up to your standards
My cat taught me not to leave my phone charger plugged into the wall and that anything is a toy if you try hard enough, especially glasses of water.
So apparently "treating yourself" means eating an apple? Aww. 👎🏻
Dogs > Cats... Jussayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If I listened to my cats ways I would be licking my own asshole lol
My cat has taught me to be a asshole to everything and everyone .. And to constantly meow at someone when I'm hungry or want something ..
My cat taught me how to be a jerk properly and not to give a single F**K lol
He kinda looks like Neil from Once Upon a Time... Lol
My cat taught me to go outside more and explore bc the world is beautiful, he also taught me to not care what other people think
My cat taught me that belly rubs are okay, for five seconds and that it's socially acceptable to bite and claw the hand giving said belly rub.
naps are good ;-)
Cats teach us one thing. To give ZERO FUCKS
My cat taught me that she's my master and that I go to school so I can invest in a better future for her.
One of my cats taught me that it's okay to climb people and perch on their shoulder(s).
My cat taught me that water belongs out of the cup. Preferably on the table for easier access 😼
That at times cats can be better ,as companions, than some hOOmans can ever be😍😁
My non-existent cat teaches me everyday that I don't really like cats.
My cat has taught me to be as selfish as possible, only show love to one's who deserve it, practice tough love, and stay the hell away from children
My cat has taught me not to sweat the small stuff. When you get stressed out, drop everything, go outside, and play in the grass or sit in the sun. If will make you feel better.
My cat has taught me that's okay to step on someone's chest when they are sleeping, or wake them up at 4 am because you want affection and food. That there are invisible enemies in the house so you can gallop from one corner of the house to the other. Playing fetch with bottle caps can be very entertaining and you can never let someone take a shower or use the bathroom with the door closed.
My cats taught me all cats are amazing !😊
Our cat taught us the importance of waking up on time every morning, so she could go to sleep once her humans are up. 😒 (courtesy: Qadir)
My cat has taught me that naps are acceptable at any time.
The only life lesson any cat's ever taught me is don't get a cat
My cat taught me that there is a demon in my house
my cat taught me, "If you want to make someone scream, bring them a live mouse an deposit it in their lap"
My cat has taught me that my life sucks because I cannot lick my own genitals.
My cat taught me that if ur around him he's a demon 😂😂 he scratch u and play with u and run all day😂😂 but he's only 3 months but when the day is over we cuddle up and have a sleep time and when he gets nightmares I pet him until he purrs and falls back to sleep ☺️😻
I can't get over the fact that "treating yourself" is eating an apple.
So it was an advertising for Party Mix cat treats?
My cat has taught me not to leave my notes on the ground. If I do, he just comes and plays with them.... with his claws.
My cat taught me I never need an alarm clock, they are my alarm clock. And if there is food around the bowl, it's not full - only the middle of the bowl is an acceptable place to eat
I read ppls comments and I realized my cat is an angel! 💖
My kitty taught me unconditional love
My cat has taught me it's ok to be fat and happy and not give a fuck. Also, walk around with shit hanging from your ass.
My cat taught me how to steal. He steals my food, steals my bed, steals my rubber band.
To eat paper, strings, trash, to run across the room repeatedly for no reason. To lick shoes, any unknown object that smells different. To bite people who feeds her. -_-
If you don't like them, smack that bitch!
Grace Rogers This was great. I say as he climbs on top of me and purrs, because "that journalism paper is overrated. And so is showering. And going to the office."
Be a diva 😽
My cat has taught me that if you want someone's attention stare at them yell at them or just keep tapping their shoulder.

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