7 Joys of Having a Work BFF

7 Joys of Having a Work BFF
7 Joys of Having a Work BFF
lol work coffee girl love bff
Published on 11/19/2017
7 Joys of Having a Work BFF


Dat telepathy tho.
these two need a series of their own!
*Immediately sends this to work BFF*
I love these two. I need more of their friendship in my life
Jokes on you. I don't even have a job! 😂😂😂😂
She is so beautiful!!! <3
Best friend goals ❤️
That was more gay best friend at work
she is the cutest one on buzzfeed ,
How is it this has 103 likes. And 13 Views 😏 somebody's just liking videos. Haha
Am I the only one that finds that girl extremely attractive?
Who is that gorgeous girl 😭
Darina Kagan it's like us... except u'd never get me a coffee. You'd be like "get it urself... and get one for me while ur at it. ::hearts::"
I'm kind of in love with that girl. Find me her name people! Help a brotha
lol that was too cute!!!! work BFF!
Where can I buy him? :D
Cassy Gutierrez. What if we had cubicles like that?? They must know better. 😄 I thought of us during this whole thing.. Ridiculous. 💁
Allison Strange...half wall. I dig it. Except secret passage would be better. And we both know that's not how coffee time goes.
Lunchables 💁🏽
Totally makes me think of you and Sydney. Poor girl doesn't know what she's in for 😂😂😂 Becca Ming
Relationship goals.
Wimberley Frazier Bonnette
So uhhhh... VGH available??? So uhhmmmm... Wanna call out tomorrow? *opens chat* Hey Wim! *sticks head around cubicle* Are you in aux?! ......Mayyyybe. 😁 Wanna go walking tonight?! Lmao!!!
I love this!
I work from home so I'm my own BFF.haha
Sigh....still is whenever we meet up....bff for life!
Hahahah Steph Bell reminds me of when we used to call each other's extension just to bitch about the witch!! Lol "what are you doing? Wana go for a coffee? Just leave it's not important" ..... "Chicken shop for lunch - it's that kinda serious!"
Yes. Total bull shit. It was you that made the petition to get bloomin staplers! Maggie Newman. & do you remember the time when Kimbo asked us what day it was & we both said "WEDNESDAY" at the same time 😂😂😂 Classic magle <<< that both of our names together
هههههه طيب يا حيدر
This is so what I miss. Lol I'll be back at work in a few weeks!
T-shirt white board... Remember the video where we all got in trouble--Beta was giving a "lecture" . Damn, too funny!!
So true ken ken
Thats def us!!!
ummmm yea I don't get it.
cristel rodriguez this gone be usss 😛❤️😂
Noelle lol I saw this video earlier and thought of you, but the guy was a little to soft to represent me, lol.
Courtney lol! Dude, I miss how we started taking turns bringing breakfast on the weekends. And our talks about coworker hookups lol
Omg!! Absolutely us!!! I miss your cigarettes in your Chee chees and our long breaks!! Lol 💞 miss you
I know we didn't work in an office, but you were the only person I actually liked seeing at work. Hope all is good in tha hood lady Maryemma Pol
Kayla Brittany this is usss
Tessia this reminds me of you! I love when they're at a meeting and talking with their eyes.... Gasp!! 😜
Meeta i feel this is inevitable. Also, you drink coffee black. Why have you been using milk recently.
Ahahaha! Yesterday's meeting tho!!! Lol
Michelle Soto...lol..thing is this is exactly how we were. Even sat right next to each. And would get asked where you were if you didn't come in.
Marion Dwyer ohhh jaaaa😂👍 und die Zeiten fehlen mir echt sehr😢 aber wer weiss...irgendwann...in den USA...😁😜
She kinda looks like Nina Dobrev...but tanner lol

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