7 Hair Transformations That’ll Make You Believe In The Power Of Makeovers

7 Hair Transformations That’ll Make You Believe In The Power Of Makeovers
7 Hair Transformations That’ll Make You Believe In The Power Of Makeovers
Published on 12/10/2017
7 Hair Transformations That’ll Make You Believe In The Power Of Makeovers


They didn't do anything for the black woman but take out her extensions. They didn't style it do a twist out, or cut the ends or shape it or anything. They didn't even try color. We can wear our natural hair in more ways than just an afro.
Hairdresser: Do you like it? Me: Yes thank you. *Goes home and cries* xD
They do not know how to do natural hair...
dear god why did they shave her head
7 hair transformations that'll make you believe in the power of REGRET.
Only 1 person there looks better in the after picture
I can tell that most of those girls wanted to cry, especially the shaved one
half of them look vaguely like crack addicts now
I have to say, the African American lady is absolutely much cuter with her natural hair! Her dimples stand out better and she looks more fun.
They could have done a lot more with her natural fro. Smh
Everyone's saying their hair looks awful and etc. were you in that chair, is that your head of hair? No? Okay then. Those women and that gentlemen looked Atleast 10 times happier then before. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the person who has to wear the hair doesn't. 😒
He isn't good enough at doing hair to be famous for it. lol
I like how this video is about women feeling good and comfortable and all you salty bitches come in here with your "professional" opinions. They like it so fuck off. Build women up not tear them down.
I just want to point out he took that virgin hair and made it look so cheap. Just one color? Where is the depth? It looks like a box dye.
I'm usually the type of girl to wait till I get home and cry about my hair cut but.....some of these I would cry on the spot..... :'( can anyone else see the fake reaction some of the girls had? They wanted to cry. </3
A lot of them looked better before besides the girl with the sister who passed & the guy.
How are people giving input on this video if it's 6 minutes long, but it was posted 4 minutes ago?
Why didn't they get a natural hair stylist for her hair? Had her looking like she came off the plantation
Definitely not a good makeover story ....he made some look worse 😂😂😂
I would not go to him...
It was at this moment Daysha knew she fucked up....
anyone else think some of them looked better before?....
This video made me emotional, women are awesome.
To all the women out there, this woman right here adores you. We are all stunning, chin up darlings!
That black girl was mad! 😂😂😂
The black girl hair looked horrible with/without the weave. The weave looked very unkempt and the fro looked extremely damaged if a stylist let you leave a salon looking like that I would be upset. Now she will probably go running back to the weave!
ALL OF THESE WERE HORRIFIC!!!! Fire that hair stylist ASAP!
Yooooo what the fuck is this??? That second girls hair looked like shit. The dudes haircut looked like a fucking toupe.
What they did to the Black girls hair..well literally fucking nothing. Natural doesn't mean washing someones hair, and throwing them under the dryer for 30 minutes. That was racist bullshit. Tired of people acting like the only way a Black girl can style her hair naturally is in an afro. They didn't trim the shit, color anything, shape anything, braid or twist or bantu curl... NOTHING at all. She aint need to go to a hair stylist for that bullshit "styling."
Before anyone says they were "happy" with their hair, most of them had that awkward disappointed fake smile like "Yeahh it looks great thanks!...." then take an embarassing walk home of regret.
They could have twisted out the black girls hair just a little..Everyone still looked great!
The Black girl and the shaved head.....hell no man!
That guy's attitude and energy was GREAT!
BS why the black girl gotta look crazy 😂😂😂 they could've given her Bantu knot curls or something sheesh 😓
Um that version of natural hair was horrible they basically washed her hair and walked away like well we don't know how to do this
He made the one girl look like Dora the Explorer. .not saying it wasn't cute but if small children start following her and asking for Diego....
Well there's 7 minutes I'll never get back. But I guess I shouldn't complain, I still have my hair...
Ive never seen so many people rudely judge other peoples' hair!! whats it to you?! i think they all looked great! plus. Its not my damn hair so why should i hate what other people do to THEIR hair?! changing your hair is easy and fun. Why not be a little daring? its grows out anyway.
Why they do the black girl like that... Her reaction was like tf but she had to front like she liked it. They could've at least have her a roller set or something.
These were terrible!!! These poor women! What a disaster!
I felt the worst for the "Afro" (horribly done by someone who knows nothing about black hair) and the faux red head. He really jacked her hair up...and she was a color virgin! Her hair looked healthy before and damaged after. Under impressed by all of these makeovers.
They needed a curl consultant for kinky hair...that fro could have really been banging! But yay lol
This was not a transformation...it was sabotage.
I don't think the consultations were needed because he just did whatever he wanted to everyone. The reveals made me uncomfortable because none of the styles were that great.
Failed Miserably on the Natural hair ..... dang
I like the way the hair came out in the before pictures lol
That black girls weave was not good, at all, but what they did to her hair added nothing. She could have done that at home tbh. Smh.
I think they all looked great. And am I the only one in love with black lady fros? I love it! About the head shaving tho... Please don't do that.
I loved this! Now never choose for a woman to go natural if you can't give her the business 😩 I'm glad she went natural but I was rooting for a twistout, Bantu knots, curl definition, wash n go... ANYTHING but that.
Honestly, my stylist philosophy: If their hair doesn't look like what you want yours to be, don't let them touch it!! IDK WHAT they thaaought they were doing to daysha's hair but this aint it. Send her to a natural haired stylist
Scrolling through the comments and laughing a bit too hard LOL!!!
Idk what's wrong with all of you I think they all look beautiful/handsome.
I might be the only 1 that liked all of them. Because their demeanor was different afterwards.

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