7 Facts That'll Make You Quit Facebook

7 Facts That'll Make You Quit Facebook
7 Facts That'll Make You Quit Facebook
Published on 10/22/2017
7 Facts That'll Make You Quit Facebook


That banana though :D
This post Its like being at a bar telling a drunk to stop drinking
and i saw this video on.... Facebook
Ok I unfollow you and quit
the funny thing is that we wouldnt have buzzfeed without facebook so....
You think we should quit Facebook but I'm sure you'd still be posting videos on Facebook.
I've seen the statistic before about Facebook use increasing feelings of isolation and loneliness, and I do NOT get that. On the contrary, FB has strengthened my ties with family and friends, particularly those who live far away. I see their children grow, share their milestones and provide encouragement on the bad days. They do the same for me. My health isn't great and FB has reduced the isolation that can accompany chronic illness. The other issues mentioned herein say more to me about certain users than about the perils of Facebook. (But I also like bananas.)
Would not have seen this video...without Facebook... :/
Oh the Irony of this post.
Okay, right after you, Buzzfeed!
For those who say that they would never seen this video without Facebook, I think that's the point. The video is posted here and we have seen it here because we are ALWAYS here.
You don't find it the least bit ironic that you posted this ON facebook? No?
As I'm watching this through facebook.
Says the people who are on computers all day...
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the extreme stupidity of this video
Preston, time for you to "quit" Facebook... you are more addicted to being on fb than smoking... how depressing
How would I have known these stats without Facebook?
Best part is, they used FB to spread the message. I see where they are coming from.
Quit Facebook and eat banana.
Either use it excessively or get rid of it altogether? Ah, dualistic thinking. How about a call to responsible moderation or getting people to land in the middle.
I stop the video then scrolled lol damn hold on.........
Alli I've been out of a job for a bit and all I post on Facebook is valuable information. I'm definitely not concerned about my Facebook use hahahahaha.
self control
Without facebook, we can't see this video 😤
Buzzed will lose traffic if I quick Facebook lol
Oh look. They shared it on Facebook.
Funny because out of force of habit, I finished the video and began and scrolling down some more... on Facebook
Without facebook Buzzfeed is zero.
Why didn't they cite the good things about facebook, like finding family, old friends, and helping others? Staying connected instead of SMS?
Glad I saw this on Facebook. Better keep checking my feed so I don't miss more awesome videos like this
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If someone took my phone, I would be like "bro, i was on tumblr"
No ! I love BuzzFeed Videos !
And this is why I don't come on often, I'm trying to break the habit and it worked beautifully
Karina Ramos
Kelcee Drow Rachel Martin Hanna Mannerstedt Kristopher Michael Padgett Jade Engelhardt
Dania Mohammed Wiam N Barole Hashim H. Hasan Mohannad Hussein :D
Quit BuzzFeed, its 10 times worst than Facebook.
Why? Why? Why?
Maribel Vazquez Estela Vazquez
Funny that they posted it on facebook
Hahaha yeaaaa Erica May Juan P. Cory
Is it ironic that I saw this on facebook?
Rizwan Ahamed :p
As i watch this from facebook
yeah they gave a banana to girl :p think for a while what does it meant :p lol
Bullshit !!
No fb no buzzfeed
the video that tells us to stop using facebook is on facebook so cant stop using facebook because, the video that tells us to stop using facebook is on facebook ...... (infinite loop)
Jaesung Ahn 김규형

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