7 Facts That’ll Change The Way You Listen To Music

7 Facts That’ll Change The Way You Listen To Music
7 Facts That’ll Change The Way You Listen To Music
Published on 10/16/2017
7 Facts That’ll Change The Way You Listen To Music


Putting 3 seconds of Ashely in the intro to draw more views huh? I like where your heads at, Buzzfeed. Next time, Just have Ashley do the whole video, dammit!
"Repeat Stuff" - Bo Burnham
Didn't really "change the way I listen to music"...
In regards to the repetitive facts, no wonder there is so many shit songs that meaning nothing, and just repeat the same 2 verses.
I feel so bad for cows. 😳
Wait... It wasn't Starbucks lovers? That's how I've been singing it....
I love her but I think Taylor Swift definetly knows about the repetitive chorus thing
Is really weird when one is thinking about a song or singing it in one's head and next thing you know it comes on the radio! You feel all psychic ans shit!! LMAO
Can't listen to black widow anymore bc all I hear is "Like a black whittle baby"
Lol so true, the blank space song for the longest time i thought "got along like starcrossed lovers"
That's the exact song I was thinking of when they started talking about misheard lyrics
Stephanie L. Brown Karlee Brown Lindsey Leak Ashley Leak Reisbig
This didn't quite change shit. How about this:
Most hit songs use the same four chords.
Most hit songs also consist of the same 2 drum patterns.
Most hit song melodies are extremely legato(notes of scale played one after other in order) because it's easier on the brain.
A good 95% of artists use auto-tune from Rihanna and Adele to Jennifer Lopez.(most pop singers couldn't hit a correct note to save their fucking lives)
Pop stars rarely write their own music.
Modern music is almost COMPLETELY lacks live instrumentation.
Softwares that write music for you actually exist.
Modern music only plays majors and minors despite there being suspended, augmented, diminished, half diminished chords and despite there being 5 other scale modes(dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, locrian) you can play in.
Receiving training in music for a little over a year can raise your IQ by 8 points whereas you can live your whole life, go to college and get a career without gaining one.
Katie Seedorf and Daniel Seedorf hang in to the end to see a possible production bonus for the farm.
Gurdeep Sonia
Danica Melanson Crystale Storms Rébécca Gagnon Bedard. Starbucks lovers. ☕
Ashley Yee not only i thought it was starbucks LOL
Shea Winfrey Sam Antics Greg Kirk
Having a repetitive chorus explains j-lo and Beyonce's music and the reason I hate listening to it. Same reason I hate Christmas music too.
"Heart breakers gonna bake bake bake bake...."
am i the only one who heard that line from Blank Space correctly the first time i listen to it?
Lmao min 1:00 that's totally you!
MOOsic. Ha! Good one.
I listen to music every second of every day.
Starbucks lovers....
Arlen Santamaria See what we have to do to get milk out of yu.
Robert Bellman
Jotjr Duncan
Robert Miele
Shadei Rosado XD
Leon Cormack Vocalist
Amanda Blake
JuanCarlos San Pedro :)
Abby Butler Kaitlan Abdullah "all the lonely Starbucks lovers"
Lexi Van Horn the last one
Donna Burchman
Repetitive moosic! Lol 😉 Laura Sommers
I love this let's make moosic Holly Sommers
Interesting... Laura Sommers
Scott Hoffman we need a cow. And a boom box
QueenEra Edu
Anthony Scaffeo watch this.. You'll see why, lol
Marty Hicks
Richard Albert
Cynthi Mp xD
Alfredo Arreola
Ayla Hutchison
"repetitive choruses" are the WORST. rmb Jocelyn Deng EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY EVERY-EVERYBODY!!! LAKSHGAKERGIUERHGH no.
Dahoon Kim

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