7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship

7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship
7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship
Published on 10/22/2017
7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship


aww that made me a little bit teary because when you meet that special someone THAT is how healthy relationship looks like. Trust, caring, communication and support. Nicely done Buzz!
Love this! And THANK YOU for showing us healthy relationships are FUN relationships. I think all to often we are exposed to the fake drama of TV couples. I think that impacts how young women and men view relationships.
We need more examples of healthy and happy relationships like this :)
Nobody is that friendly with their ex at least they shouldn't be
Well this is absolute girl-crack. Go ahead mainline a little more sensible, logical, passionate, caring relationship nonsense into my catlady bound veins.
i seriously love her laugh haha
Ahhh I love these two together. More videos of them!!!!😍
I had this relationship, once. But, he was always looking for someone better. I hope he found her ... I got tired of waiting for him to realize he already had her.
These are the best responses. I love Buzzfeed
She has the most gloriously infectious laugh I've ever heard.
I love how real this video felt.
Buzz Feed: Making you hate your life even more because their video's are just too good!
*whisper* please don't stop!
Fuckers... Make me want a relationship. Lol
Who wouldn't get jealous when it's Eugene? LOL!
Why did this make my day I'm fucking single as shit
It's all giggles and smiles during the first 6 months.. Let's see them in the situations after 6 years..
"i wore this blazer that makes me look like Ellen"
This is the cutest thing! That's how a relationship should be. Love it! Good job, Buzzfeed <33
that guy has amazing cheekbones.
Andrea I laughed out lout at the blazer comment. It makes me look like Ellen, not like she's a bad person or anything. hahaha
Love and humor go hand in hand.
If you can't make me laugh, you can't have my heart.
Tori Pulliam.
Wesley Ben Kara haha we have all had these moments
"I wore this blazer that makes me look like Ellen" OMG
Lily Ward, I feel like this is us<3
Armando Ponce
Daysi Aleman this is so us.
Paulina Ramon
Casandra creo que somos novias <3
Peter Te'o-McFall
Cade Richardson
Babe look how cute😄😍 Tyler Scott Bluemenshine we could be like that if I didn't overreact so much
Johanna Dettinger
Armando Alejandro Shols I feel like this seems oddly familiar
Sterling Jerabek :)
Jon Lander haha (:
Joe Harrop this is so us 👫
Hahahaha Alexandra Benitez
Oliver Betts😂
Josh Gittoes
Josh Bacorn 😊
Catherine Yujie Chen
Por alguna extraña razón me recordó a nosotros <3. Viviana Ochoa
Daniel James Becker lol!!
Robbie Stone
Christopher Michael us
Olivia Stewart
Harry Forgesson
Hahaha awww ♡ Pamela Marie Auriel Febus Edwin Martinez
Brian Menard
Danielle Kim
Justin Braddy Bad days* lol 😘

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