7.76 Turbo Ranger vs 8.4X Inline 6 '36 Chevy Pickup!

7.76 Turbo Ranger vs 8.4X Inline 6 '36 Chevy Pickup!
7.76 Turbo Ranger vs 8.4X Inline 6 '36 Chevy Pickup!
Published on 11/17/2017
7.76 Turbo Ranger vs 8.4X Inline 6 '36 Chevy Pickup!


Gyuree Gabor
Knew it :D
Kara Maria Baron
Ha I was right!
David Ross
is that the ranger running the oddball turbo?
Kameryn Kranski
Dudes sleeping at the light
Jorge Saucedo
Olha isso Julio Bailo
Ricardo Godinho
I would hope a small block tube chassis would run that quick.... the inline 6 deal of the staff bros is way more impressive
Ranger has a chevy 350 right?
Woo. Oow foort
Brennan Dickinson
Where's the video of last night
I6 is really impressive!
Pick up racing next perhaps lol Ben Lawrence John Curistan Wayne Owens ????
You know wanna John bro lol
Greg Norton
Nathaniel Assenheimer
Heather Duke
Taylor Woodard
Alvin Pov Nicholas Pean
.Ranger must have a lsx swap in it right 1320video.com
Awesome Tanya O' Sullivan, but ill stick to flat four shitboxes lol.
Damn Garrett Stanley.. truck is running hard!
who won?
Devin Smith
Sbc ina ford gotta love it
Ford all day over Chevy
Bad ass videos!!!
Haha Ben tbh we've be google those wee beetles to the hilt since the air cooled day lol,,, and I can safely say we've turned into a tactically football team learning the robes of the opponents .. Lol... Our conclusion stands the same 😳😮!!! Lol
Cain Hollowbone I know u like older trucks
Check this bad boy out
the both have chevy motors, so does that mean Chevy all day?
We could do Truck racing at BC Tanya B-)
Trucks = truck drivers !!! Aren't they creepy lol
Lol Tanya O' Sullivan conclusion being "What the actual F*ck!!!" dont ask me, it just works.
Cassie Fckn Marie
Well John, Tanya reckons you're a creep lol!
Garrett Palm
Haha dead on Ben lol,,, and Wayne never a truer word said lol
Ben, best comment I ever heard from someone when referring to the speed of a vehicle was "JESUS ACTUAL CHRIST!" - Peter Magowan, circa Feb 2012, just after taking our Rotax Max Kart up our road for the first time lol!
i used to work with a fella who had built a twin engined rotax kart with a live chassis, holy mother of god that thing made me puke just looking at it.
anyways were clogging up yank shit (good shit) here, we best get a room

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