600hp ZR1 vs.... Seems fair

600hp ZR1 vs.... Seems fair
600hp ZR1 vs.... Seems fair
Published on 10/21/2017
600hp ZR1 vs.... Seems fair


Hahaha if would have been funny if it was swapped and just launched off!
Was I the only one expecting it to have a turbo 5.3 or something thst ended up actually winning?
With all the crazy swapped videos you guys post, you never know
I don't think any of these people know this is your personal car HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
zr1 would prob still get walked on.LOL
I would take that Model "A" ford pick up over anything that chevy has to offer
Idk why everyone's hating on the guy posting this. I'm sure he knew it was a stock truck. Probably just fuckin with the old guy. Plus he said it was awesome. Wasn't like he was hating on him.
People who are saying the zr1is a piece of shit are probably honda owners
Yet your profile pic is you on a crotch rocket? Hmm interesting
I'd still take that over the ZR1. May be faster, but you can never really beat a classic.
2500... lol
Ha ha yup. Unless it's this vette ... then it stands a chance!
About the only thing a Chevy could beat.
I would have raced you and probably ate you on a 1/4 mile hehe
This guy sounds like a real assbag (whant to rum em hahah) hey moron stop bothering people with real car and not your pussy vette you wannabe
Notice the part when he said next time..... The guy probably has a pro stock street car I'd like to see that
600 horsepower zr1... versus 8hp model T.
Shit yes, its fair!!
The funny thing is that Vette won't be here in 80 years and at 80 yo that truck is still rolling.
I love how Everyone is talking shit on the guy in the zr1. He was obviously messing around and having fun with the old guy. Haha "shit bag zr1" wins most ignorant comment of the day award. I really hope you have a Ferrari 458 in your garage with such a stupid comment like that.
Got a little excited I thought I was gonna see a zr1 get scrubbed lol
And the 25hp is worth twice as much as 600
Stop laughing in the videos you are annoying as fuck
well Id take it over a zr1 in style points for sure!
25 hp I'll take over the corvette any day!! The 31 ford has more style more respect more worth!! Henry ford was the man! First person to car and truck on the line hats off to the 31 ford
Only thing that P.O.S. Vette can beat....
All these people hating on the vettes probably own a commuter Japanese car...
Camaros have to even the playing field one way or another hahaha
I would of love to see that old car just take off on the vette would of been a classic fail
Ya too bad that's a c5 corvette and not even a zr1. Mirror and a pillar dead give away. Not only that zr1's don't come in that color
Typical vette owner, they will race a mini van if possible
Buncha retards shit talkin. Typical facebook. Anyways sweet ass 31 Model A truck right there. Just bought a 31 Model A myself. Time to build a rat rod. Lol
I'm kyle loftis. Mrararhararara. How much power is she putting down? Holy shit, no shit. Rarararahahahara. Is she on the spray? She'll get up and go. Holy shit that turbo is huge what size did you say it was again? 86mm? What a/r is it? Man watch out for those cops up there. Oh look up there a police helicopter. lololololololololol
He meant 2500hp lol
Only time a v8 will win a race...
Love how people say vetts are a pos and blah blah just wait till one of you vett haters race the wrong one I hope it's pinks and they send your mustang to the crusher
Because the old truck is the only thing it can beat? The older you get, speed becomes less popular and 40+ mpg is the win!
Michael Aleksick
No bitch, I did a friend a favor and took a pic... Ya'll some sorry ass fucks talkin shit on here, supposed to be about the cars but whatever, continue your 12yo shit talkin and leave me out of it, Christopher Shea
Jacob King Christopher Owens half as much as the Geo!
Ricky Vang, Austin Vang, James Lauj, Joseph Vwj. Dont fuck with twenty five hp.
That zr1 would of lost
No respect what so ever...
Dick move
I stop and talk to people with cool old shit like this too.
Parallel universe: Hey wanna race? Oldman's car : vututututututu psssssss bang bang see ya looser xD
Get a clue Derek Chapman. LS motors are just a cheap ford design they sold to chevy. You don't think they'd sell their good stuff, do you? hahaha.
Must be nice to try and run a old truck with 25hp. If thats what it takes redeem those losses then there is no respect left for you.
The old man has no governor and he can go top speed and won't get pull over. Advantage old man lol

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