600HP STi Teaser

600HP STi Teaser
Published on 10/20/2017


Looks to me like the bike needs a new rider....
Looks like someone needs to learn how to launch a bike.
The bike needs a new rider and the Subaru needs a new driver..missing 2nd hard.
That was my first time launching a bike.. I couldn't even hear my bike over the launch control so that didn't help. Its always going to get me off the launch.. But his 1/4 time is still half a second faster
Every vid I've seen that guy in he bangs gears as good as a sequential gearbox. Love that Subbie and Damn good driver.
Guy on bike can't ride should have wasted that car it's not that fast
Dude on the bike! Learn how to launch before going around trying to race!! Embarrassing
Bike driver sucks ass
Guy on bike can't ride for shir
never seen a worst launch out of a bike in my life
I don't care what this video is trying to prove but I will say that the guy riding that bike does not know how to get on those gears and disappear. The right rider would leave the hell outta that cat without a doubt
Well that was a shitty ass launch!!!! Get a real rider on the bike then line them up
Why doesn't anyone post videos of themselves losing?? There is always a bigger fish...
C.J. Synak
the biker needs to learn to ride.
C.J. Synak is that you
The guy can't ride a bike !
Not impressed with the bike, just a 600 with a rider that can't even ride well
Dude on the bike can't launch for shit.
Lol doesnt help the rider has ZERO talent...should have been a good race
Elad Steiner Shay Sibony Denis Buchatski
we need Ahmad Faraj's opinion on this
Kevin Dotson Mark Countryman Jr.
Yea I would launched 2-3 car lengths ahead of him on my cbr.. Driver error
That kid on the bike had shittier reaction time than that time I tried to play catch with Ray charles.
Tom Majetic Callum DiFrancesco Jordan Lim
The guy riding the bike is terrible. What kind of launch was that
That all wheel drive gets off the line quick as fuck
Leonardo Nardin Minis Daniel Machado Murilo Malmstrom Adriano Bulla
Nick Jose Ed Cayanan
Dude on bike doesn't know how to ride
Alex Roscoe Jed Ward Trice
OmGawd! I picked the wrong vehicle for my new venture... hahaha! Cory Koby Jason Kastner
Ricardo Hernandez Luis Soto
Mani Gruber
Dude couldn't launch or ride a bike to save his life lol.
Keagan Owsley Patrick Bryan
Michael A Garcia granted the subie is fast but the rider looks like he wasn't the best. Lol
Clearly the one on the bike does not know how to use his bike , FAIL
Guy in the gsxr sucks lol no launch build up
Garrett Hartle Dustin Patten Cory Hartle Tayler Wright
See I said I only wanted 600 hp. Sema like it would be good enough. Don't you think Ben Braithwaite, Jacob Abusow, and Fetrat Ali
Gsxr couldn't launch for shit
Neil Kennedy Bob Travers
That guy on the bike can't ride
David Dupuis Davier Couture

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