6 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong

6 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong
6 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong
Published on 11/24/2017
6 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong


We like it. :)
Is it just me, or did anyone else wonder whom these people are that cook an omelette on a griddle rather than in a pan?
Dislike all of these. The pancake mix in a ketchup container is a good idea, so is the omelet but everything else sucks. I think the cereal is the worst one
If I do the ketchup bottle I won't get to eat the tiny drops that I pretend are the smallest pancakes in the world
Who has a panini press?...
Don't tell me how to make my food -.-
No thanks I'm already close to diabetes
Everything is so unhealthy! Cereal bars??? WTF??? Gross!
Oh my god, why make everything so much more fattening and complex? D:
Hey Buzzfeed.
Pouring syrup?
You're doing it wrong. It doesn't go on the table.
How about an omelette?
How about really learning how to make a real omelette and buy a fucking omelette pan.
And the orange juice carton?
Dont pour it out like an asshole and you won't make a mess.
Sooo your suggesting we find other ways to make our breakfast unhealthy? Donuts for breakfast? Nah im good
Is anyone else still cringing from the metal utensil on the nonstick surface?!?
The orange juice pour looked the same to me both ways
These are garbage. First off pancakes are flat as hell if you mix the batter so much it squeezes out of a ketchup bottle. Keep some chunks for fluff. Second, it's called pouring correctly. Every video about the carton trick has them pouring fast as shit the first time to prove a point then pouring slowly when they flip it. You're not fooling anyone. Thirdly, you can make a perfect omelet using a round pan... Why the fuck are they using a pancake skillet then a panini press? Lastly, cereal bars with marshmallows...? Completely different than cereal with milk and way more unhealthy first thing in the morning.
I think the point of having biscuits for breakfast, is to have biscuits for breakfast... If I want donuts I'll go to Krispy Kreme. -.-
If pouring orange juice from a carton challenges you, don't waste your time trying to change things up.
Thanks, I'll just keep doing it wrong.
Why on earth are they using metal utensils on a Teflon pan?!
All of these remind me of the obesity epidemic we have in this country XD
And I'm not gonna go from wanting cereal and milk to a dry ass fuckin cereal bar. I want milk bitch lol πŸ˜‚
Who the fuck cooks an omelet like that.
You need jesus.
I don't know who can eat marshmallows for breakfast because that's pretty much just straight sugar. If I fed my kid that [hypothetically] in the morning their teacher would probably drive to my work place and shoot me.
You can't eat breakfast wrong.. but you can certainly make it wrong.. stupid video
So you guys took some normal breakfast options and made them super unhealthy. Thanks! ....
I wanted biscuits. Not donuts. I wanted cereal and milk. Not cereal bars. The only good tip was the ketchup bottle one, which I already use.
It went from cool ideas to super unhealthy sugar rush in about 1:27 minutes... :-P
No to all of this... What idiot made this video? The best way to make bacon is in the oven, the bacon will not cook at the same speed a the pancake. Who makes an omelet on a griddle? Thats just a mess, that's why they make omelet pans, also you don't have to flip an omelet if you make it right. Cereal bars with marshmallow, yeah thats way healthier than with milk. You know what works with pancake batter a gravy boat or even ladle, cause I'm not about to clean a catsup bottle everytime. If you can't pour a beverage like orange juice without making a mess then there is seriously no point in trying to help you. The person who made this or thinks any of this is a good idea should NEVER be allowed in a kitchen.
Do people normally have panini presses? If so, I guess I need to step up my panini game.
The cereal one was cool but not a replacement... Bruh how can you mess up cereal tho? Like come on for real? Lol
How to make breakfast more unhealthy
Cereal and milk.. Breakfast bars? Not even the same though! And damn if I see you guys post about the stupid orange juice carton thing again I'm gonna scream!
Half of these were like really cool tips and the rest were just turning breakfast into desserts like? We're trying to eat breakfast not get a cavity?
i like my cerial in a bowl with healthy milk not sugary marshmallows thanks
I'm not pouring my orange juice backwards and I'm not turning my biscuits into fake ass donuts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
No this should not be 6 ways you're eating breakfast wrong... This should be 4 ways to make a more fattening breakfast! The ketchup bottle one and the Orange juice is fine.
Who the hell had pouring orange juice as the bane of their existence?? If you can't pour it without splashing it everywhere...get your life together lol
Can't believe I wasted x amount of my life watching and commentating on this ... shoot me now
Sooo it's messy to spoon pancake mix onto a pan, but it's totally NOT messy at all to spoon it into the small opening of a ketchup bottle? And it DEFINITELY won't drip down the sides and make a mess everywhere? Seems legit.
for the official non ripped off version check Crazy Russian Hacker :)
Who has time to make cereal bars?
who the hell pours orange juice 20 feet in the air
The only good idea was the pancake in the ketchup bottle. Everything else was ways to give yourself diabetes through breakfast.
Wow....I had no idea I just needed to add marshmallows to my cereal to make it even worse for me. Boo
More like how to make your breakfast more unhealthy.
Correct title: How to get type two diabetes in no time flat!
This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. They had one good post about "cutting grapes wrong your whole life" and now they're doing it over and over again enlisting morons who don't know how to pour pancake batter.
All this reminded me of was a bad infomercial. Over exaggerated ways of doing things "wrong" πŸ˜’
soo instead of baking biscuits, deep fry them and add a bunch of sugar? no thanks
Cereal bars will NEVER replace cereal and milk

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