6 Ways You’re Dancing Wrong

6 Ways You’re Dancing Wrong
6 Ways You’re Dancing Wrong
Published on 10/16/2017
6 Ways You’re Dancing Wrong


The shittiest dance moves ever brought to you by BUZZFEED.
Oh god please don't encourage any more people to twerk.
Thanks for the video on what NOT to do on a dance floor.
Thanks for Advice, i should never try it :)
This must be named: Dance moves you should never try.
Plz don't tell me I'm the only one who thought the white guy dancing was actually pretty cool...
I'm gonna dance however the fuck I want to, thank you very much.
This could have worked in the 90's
Yeah you literally don't want to do ANYTHING in this video.
Or maybe we should just let people dance however the fuck they want and not judge them for it.
Some white person made this video. Please don't follow any of this garbage information. If you can't dance please sit what we call the fuck down.
Whipping your hair is one of the most aggravating things you can do on a crowded dance floor.
The guy that is being taught is actually better than the teachers.
Twerking and crossing your arms while wiggling your head and neck... Think I'll pass 😂😂
People , have some sense of humor lol
Well if I wanted to know how to dance like a douchebag...
please don't whip your hair around. bitches be sweaty up in the club and that shit is gross. ain't nothing more gross than getting a mouth full of some drunk chicks hair.
p.s. don't try this other shit either
Oh no! Lol Isaac Elena 😂😂😭 ya already kno
Terrible example of dancing. The guy who is your "not example" was the least embarrassing to watch. The other two looked poorly dressed & moved like they were convulsing a fit.
The ones teaching him weren't any better
This was the most terrible thing I've ever seen
Lmao!! "Fake a twerk" Pa Thao Jessica M Patterson Kristy Micheal Martin Charles Barker
Sonny Vang Kevin Vang Dallyn Yang
or don't give a fuck what anyone thinks including the makers of this video .. have fun and enjoy and don't bother yourself or ruin your night and confidence with this shit ! :)
Michelle Lee if only we'd known this before formal. damn.
Mahammad Alizade
Yesssss!!!!! Crista Hambrick
Guys, here it is. See we can do it! Carly Corrie Shannon
I'd rather dance like the white guy
Just to echo the other comments on this video, "BOOOOO!"
Get ready Armando Pioquinto Gonna take your heart tonight. Lol
Skyler Ashu Chelsea Petrie this video...
Hey Maura .... Savanna must think she can dance, haha
Odezza Ramos Jessica Bernardo hahahahaha
Daniel Webster Ashley Woolston pfft we dont need this
first video of theirs that sucked
This is just disrespectful next time I go out imma draw the line and twerk! lol
Wow.... All of it was just bad.... No one should do anything in this video... Just wow
Karina Hernandez Tomas Jr. Tinajero Hugo Villegas Martin Ramon
No more twerking! Lord almighty what is that inviting ppl to do!? Hump you! Leave that in the bedroom! Lmao
Sorry Buzzfeed, but this is a FAIL. Let them dance the way they want to. Dancing is a form of self expression, even in dance styles which have a set vocabulary, the fun starts when you begin to combine different moves in patterns and build upon the basics.
I've been dancing a plethora of styles for years and I can say this, if I did not want to dance I would have not gotten this far. So instead of telling that they are wrong followed but what they should do, I'd suggest sharing some dance school options and then encourage the shaping of what they've learned into their own.
I find THESE styles (among many) to be my favorite and those that I've been dancing. Some can be modified to dance to club music.
Horrible advice lmao Alesia Ali
Nothing more annoying than being on a crowded dance floor with a female flipping her nasty sweaty hair all over you.
Who at BuzzFeed lost a bet and had to make the dumbest video ever?
Andy Busche haha Charlie made me do it! Lol
Alana Agcaoili that's fucked up!
Andy Busche lol
Sarah Aker dance battle 😋
Nahhh I think i'll just stick with my k-pop moves

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