6 Struggles Of Not Being A Good Dancer

6 Struggles Of Not Being A Good Dancer
6 Struggles Of Not Being A Good Dancer
Published on 10/17/2017
6 Struggles Of Not Being A Good Dancer


That awkward moment when you realize no one in this video can actually dance.
It's even more uncomfortable when you are black and you can't dance. #EveryoneJudgesYou
That awkward moment when you realize that the hot girl with the curly hair pretending to be a bad dancer is actually one of Beyoncé's top dancers, the incredible Ashley Everett. Oh, and I <3 Quinta B!
The red headed girl dances for Beyoncé😱
Quinta is my spirit animal.
Eugene is the choreographer, LOL, SMH
Who goes dancing after work .. Like jus dancing ..
No way theses black girls can't dance and all these white people can.....
Carolina og Tea dis is how i feelzzz :(
Funny how they use the two blk girls u know dancing is in our DNA lol
Ella Longland Sophie Gibson Rhian Pearce Polleena Blay Xavier Harington Chloe Jayne Hardy Nena Rae the struggle is real
Story of my life Gabriele MalatestaSamuel MirielloFaanny Saint-FortTheresa NguyenTristan GrenierAna Maria SirbuJade Phénix-Alphonse
Lexi Sarantopoulos Maya Lowe Tanner Hunt Ava Gallo first part is literally me.
Lauris Amador Nancy Amador Brinana TheGreek me: are you guys going to drinks before ????
there's a bar! Lol 😂😂👌
me vs u Ditzha Flores
Leah Panton Caitlyn Roberts Anastasia Wlaschin-Wiest tonight haha
Ashley Rose Fialkin wellllllll....lol
My life in a nutshell. Unise Coriakula Abira De Oliveira Stephanie Bolondo Louise Lohia Wyrsch
Alexander Bunker Mateusz Chapajong Louis Allin Tom Hunt
Tia Denton Stephanie Nash Aj Brown this is me 😂😂😂
Alena Fajr Sky Liu Yumi Reyes my struggles
Hanna Nicole Phoebe Brittany Taina me at LIPSYNC
Mariel Erin Czar MaryJane Kazuo Kaira Aarah hahahaha
Bella Stephanie Nicole Jack Peta Whelp.
Me lol
Eben Emmanuel Jose
Rachael Sargent Ellie Thornton Iona Miller Sacha Breidahl Sophie Steele
Alejandra Ayala Márquez Diana Abraham Aranxa Chavez Imix Pierre
Nargis Srejan Gunjan Pasi Anusha Bhardwaj I'm so glad this isn't me haha
Mary Bibbiano Pat Bibbiano Hall Jen Bibbiano Beckie Bibbiano Cosgrove Barb Bibbiano Nick Hogan David Bibbiano Shelby Britton Joey Melone
This is me!!! Sandra Saez Tania Lopez
Jessica Martinez Andrew Mendez
Meli Casillas Mariana Aoki Poli Chávez como cuando Meli quiere bailar haha
Priscilla Alvarado Esmeralda Aragon Mimi Aguirre me
Accurate. Zach Piekut Derrick Kyle Ward
LOL Karina Niki ... Forget the dance... Let's just get a drink...
Go to 50seconds. Remember me at stilllife? Hahaha Sarah Hollis Sammie Leigh Ainsley Short
eugene is awesome at dancing
Story of my life Pris Cilla , Hannah Mbungu, Martha Duah
Kelly Smith I Relate So Much To This
Heather Thomas 6 struggles of not wanting to dance.
Nikki Jo Rob Kristen
Lindsay Cholod Shay Dafoe
The Struggle 😫 lol Adela Garcia Jocelyn Lozano
Sarah McCallum Emilee Power😂😂
We wouldn't know. Megan Madison Gabriella Nesse
Kyo Farine
Nadia Young Emily Dunne Jenna Pfeifer Olivia Dennehy
Harriet Brown my life
Bianca Zhang Vanessa Chuah Jessica Stewart Is this us in Zumba?
Amr Halwagy Mohamed Magdy

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