6 Solo Cup Hacks You Should Know

6 Solo Cup Hacks You Should Know
6 Solo Cup Hacks You Should Know
cup party lol hack solo
Published on 10/20/2017
6 Solo Cup Hacks You Should Know


That looks like the lamest party ever!
These videos keep getting dumber and dumber
Reading the comments to see if I'm the only one who thought this was lame
White people's parties
who has a party with their laptop speakers only O.o
Tried too hard to be relevant. That snack stand is a disaster waiting to happen.
I just read all of these comments and all you people are full of it. Smug assholes. If you don't have much, make something out of it. But most people are on drugs anyway. Whatever.
More like keep it trashy!! Amirite Janitsa ?
damn y'all take this shit so seriously
The lights one look kkinda dangerous you should cover how many people burn their house down doing this
Tiffaney Bell - you think Miranda Bowden would like this? 😜
The sound amplifier one doesn't work. The cups don't do jack
Cups on the lights kinda looks like a fire hazard. Plastic melts
Kourtni Killmeier
everything except the music/speaker related ones are stupid and im not doing them xD
Melanie van Woerkom the first one :)
I would so do it lol
If you have to "spice up" your party with solo cups, your party is lame and you should just stop! Haha
This would have worked freshman year of college... But nope
When does it stop being hacks and just become getto?
Jenni Lynn
anything else? hahahaha
Cut the cup in half pour heroine in the cup...
Marisa Schwerin lol
Maria Nagui William
pinche desperdicio pendejo de vasos
Rodney Ellis
Lmao Vanessa Tamariz-Ivaldi Alejandro Tamariz
Vanessa Ramirez
Jorge Ramos y tu con tu bambú!
wait roman atwood already did one of those lol
Rachael Stott
Connor Fitzgerald
Merrissa Michielini Pero
Kat Greenfield
Calvin York Uy
phoebe gets ice and cups
Kristen Ashton

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