6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex

6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex
6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex
Published on 10/22/2017
6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex


Buzz feed after hours 😏
It's not even 9pm buzzfeed! Haha. But this was really erotic to watch.
Is that Gaby in the thumbnail
Well that escalated quickly.
the vibrator has got to be the best sexinvention in thissssss, jus sayin.
I was thinking they were gonna say things like collars and leashes, butt plugs, electric wands, etc... clearly I think on a slightly different wave length. Hmmm.
Asexual shivers
Who knew vibrators have been around that long? I would thought there would be more smiling in older photos.
Gaby really kept her glasses on!? 😂
And the point of this video was...?
This Was More Intense Than The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie!! Smh
I don't always comment, but when I do I get zero likes.
Woah Gaby 😏👍
What's next? ROBOTS! :)
Keep it classy buzz feed
Just make a buzzfeed after hours for the people who can't handle and keep complaning these videos lol
I like sex , idc
They should've kept everyone's faces blacked out. Seeing that one guy looking all sad creeped me out hahaha
Light porn 😂
cool cinematography
The Future of sex is virtual reality porn.
My eyes👀😂
Stone dildo??? WTF
Wasnt the vibrator invented as a form to "fix" women from masturbating? Aka the cure and not an aid to masturbation?
"Sex sells."... Even for BuzzFeed.
7/10 guys say the best invention was the clitoris. 😂😂😂
Seems like I just watched a scene from one of those wack Max After Dark movies
I see why they call it the roaring twenties....
The steam powered dildo wasn't used for home use, it was used by doctors to "cure manic women" by stimulating orgasms. Men actually used to encourage their wives to go to the doctor for this
Am I?
What about the dental dam, or lube, or anal beads? I would have loved to see more sexually fluid information on this video.
Umm hello?! You forgot the birth control pill!!
But I dont -k
I appreciate the same-sex couples. Yes.
Next are androids... but knowing apple they might come out with the iGirl with Apple bottom jeans. 😂
I think Buzzfeed is horny too...^ lol wtf.
Sex robots??
Really hope guys don't make that face immediately after taking Viagra.
Daaaaamn Buzzzzzzzfeed 😉❌❌❌
only one for me..condoms..cause they suck...
Well this is BuzzFeed lol has to have a buzz somewhere
They forgot the Internet
What about lubricant tho?!
It's cool that even in a video like this they use same sex couples for some of them.
You forgot the greatest invention that changed the way we have sex. When God took a rib from Adam and created women. Before that, sex was so much different.
RAWR!!!!! ;)
Getting pretty steamy there Buzzfeed!
Where Is The Swing!!! <3 ;-) Lol. ~ 1 Amor
I love how the they all straight couples and gay couples in this video
Rock on

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