6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas

6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas
6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas
Published on 10/18/2017
6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas


That tree looks like complete shit 😂
That ornament idea is pretty cool tbh.
That custom ornament really blew my mind.
I literally learned NOTHING about how to wrap like a pro.
What a sad looking Christmas tree.. At least fluff it out a little bit!
Can we start saying merry Christmas ... not happy holidays ...
How about the most obvious hack that most people NEVER think of....string your lights as you build your tree... that way you can get the hard to reach areas without getting itchy! :-D
How to be a ratchet tree.
im sorry but that tree looks like shit
the green tinsel didn't help at all. and the inner glow didn't look very good. maybe turn off the lights next time :/
Well those sucked.
first. like plz i want top comment
...rlly? sorry but this is very basic
How about a hack-TO KEEP KITTYS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS TREE!! My cats love the dang thing!
That tree looks sad
a mustard cookie would suck...
I always put white lights on the inner branches next to the trunk of the tree to make it shine brighter, then put the colored lights along the outer branches for pizzaz.,
Do I need to store the egg carton in fridge? lol.
I always see the frosting in a condiment bottle tip but they never mention how to get it in there in the first place without a giant mess.
Ashley Platz ... I don't like the inner glow aaaighttt!?!? Lol
It's not happy holidays!! it's Merry Christmas!!!! :P
That tree looks like crap
Lorena Ramirez Banks
Jaclyn Barrutia-Hudon Alyssa Adel
I was recently told my my aunt that my buzzfeed video obsession was out of control. lol. I binge watch them instead of watching normal tv... lol I can't help it.
Carissa Mathews
Amber McConnell
Angelo Toledo
Wendy Pemberton
Ashley Etheredge
The tree one was stupid
Sara Flores
Jon Green
Lara Brink Boudreau check it out!
Its not happy holidays its merry christmas!!!
Taylor the ornaments with glitter!! that works way better than our paint method haha
not one of those ideas were remotely good........ and that was a charlie brown christmas tree how sad
Donna Hill
Mabrooka Jacqueline Karkada
Melisa Lu
Not one glitter was spilled..how??
Alexia Seoungnyung Park
Using the red font color is not a good idea
Elizabeth De Jesus Ana Dee
The tree looked like carp
Alyson Atwater
I knew all of these except number 5... I thought those were just common sense but I guess not.

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