6 Historical Women Who Gave No F***s

6 Historical Women Who Gave No F***s
6 Historical Women Who Gave No F***s
Published on 12/11/2017
6 Historical Women Who Gave No F***s


What about Rosa Parks?
"Get out of the seat"
- Rosa Parks
pisses me off we don't learn about people like this in school
The world belongs to those who don't give a fuck :D
Favorite woman who never gave a fuck: Alice Paul. Picketed the White House, was arrested, went on a hunger strike in prison, force fed/tortured, released, credited with giving women the right to vote.
I'd love to show this to my 11 year old for women empowerment. I think would give her a great sense of strong women and the impact they made on the world not to mention how to drop the f bomb inside a history lesson... almost encouraging buzzfeed, but not quite. way to ruin it for kids
They didn't gaf because in those days women were supposed to shut up,have babies,stay home an do wht her man tells her to do...These women said "fuck u imma do me"
Highly doubt these woman would approve of the f bombs plastered all over them
To the people who don't get why they said no fucks given is because they went against the grain and chose to do what they desired instead of fulfilling the social norms society shoved down every woman's throat in their time
There are many, many more women who could have been used for this video. Still, there were a couple on here I hadn't heard of. Always nice to learn new things. And I loved the diverse group they used.
Harriet Tubman? Queen of no fucks given!
It seems they actually would have all gave many "fucks" and cared a lot about what they were doing or what they stood for. I don't get this video.
well that was terrible
Running out of ideas buzzfeed?
I don't think they understand what not giving a fuck means, seems to me that they have a lot of fucks to accomplish what they did
Rosa Parks?? Marilyn Monroe??
Ryder Holt rosa parks is the top dawg in non-fuck-giving.
Bhavik's gonna be the next 😂😂 Atharva Bhavik Aashwath Pranay Danish Tavish
Simone MckennaMadeleine GomeJasmine Varrasso
Tiegan. Priya Charlotte Carla. This is so insparational.
Loíde, Camila e Letícia, vejam isso!!!
Nidah Bron James Jackie Lowrey
Murasaki Shikibu is Japanese.. Not Chinese 😳😂
how did you not have Marie Curie in here!?!?
Mariela Kim Jessyca Vázquez
Murasaki is Japanese not chinese :O
Jona I love how "wearing trousers" was a hobby back then
#7 Laura B Phillips - officiated the first legal same sex marriage in Arkansas.
Renee Batgirl Yarbrough Evony Renee Ebony Umukoro Kadijha Hanks Toya TPrissy Exnicious Courtney B.
Jacqueline Monica thought you might enjoy this. I did! 😊
Angie Wins Veronica Estella Janice Gara
You guys forgot Rosa Parks, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart....
Inspiration Shelby Perlinger Shayla Cherie Megson
Steph A Simmons Isabella Grati Sam Williams Scott Nelson yeeeeeh bitches
The quote in the end tho 😂😂😂😂 Syeda Fatima Haroon
And Deborah Sampson, a women who disguised herself as a male to enlist in the Revolutionary war. And then when wounded, extracted a musket ball herself from her thigh to conceal her identity. When she was finally discovered she received a honorable discharge. Bam. Screw gender roles.
Charlotte McGlenn Shayla Weinberger not even one
Clara Home Kelly Newman I thought you'd both like this
Evan Fox Josie Conacher
Chloe Brotherton , Deborah Crossland Maroulis , Lisa Brotherton
Lily Xu wait so if we give no fucks....
Hannah Martin Zoë Isabella Clark
Christina Renfrew
Phill Murray Matthew Patterson Kristen Daisy Cleland😂😂😂😂
Margery Beltran Diana Cubana
Heather BowerKatie MedlinLindsey Barton
Lucy Holm thought you might like this
The Tales of Genji is actually a good read but really long.
Pharrell on the beat or nah?
Ammi Bui

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