6 Harmless Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers

6 Harmless Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers
6 Harmless Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers
Published on 10/20/2017
6 Harmless Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers


I made this video. Now none of my coworkers will sit with me at lunch.
The facial expression. Priceless
One of my favorite office pranks is to take a screenshot of a person's desktop. Then save that as their background pic and then hide their icons (right click > View > uncheck desktop icons). The screenshot will make it look like the icons are still there, but it is only a picture. They will click and click, but never figure it out.
Now make a montage strictly of his smug trollworthy face so we can use it as a way to indicate that we have trolled someone.
Franklin Daniella Lu Margie Bradley Milton Guillermo Diana Mariangel María Carolina Marla Sofia Andrea CR :D
Marshall Kristos Kolokythas Yoshi Xochitl Hernandez Beecher Battle Maria Castillo Ana Valenzuela James Mathisen wish I seen this a year ago lol making mental notes for my future comeback :)
Michael Raymond Glad I don't work with you! or Kevin McShane either! :)
Kathleen Minkowski Jaclyn Clarke
Ben Stainer Ben Nom Nom Christie nerd trolling
Tarynn Machado The paperclip one would be funny to do at school.
Crystal Reyna and Brittany Najel Sanchez, lets get office jobs, and do these to people!
Ivanne Guevara Johanna Acosta for us office girls! 😂
Debra Katz Katrina Antonio they forgot to mention unrolling an entire VHS cassette and tee-peeing someone's office with it....
Rosie Sarah Rachel For the newbies.. <evil laugh>
His face was funnier than the pranks 😂
Ana Valenzuela I'm going back to candyland at the new year :-) banana under Jaime's desk is happening lololol
New jobs!! Hayley Palmer Stephane Steele
Sarah Melaney Becky Grinwald Meg Baumunk Kayla Adams
Ashley Mata Lauren Owens Bethany Watkins Antionette Byrd
Colin Haggarty&Ben Hart keep you guys going through summer
Jessica Lilian please do these things to your new interns. Thx.
Diviértete un poco en tu Miércoles Zvrdo Flores jajaja ;P
ive done the paperclip before but wrong person wrong time got fired XD
Tomm Hoang
Paul Iannazzo
Dustin Eugenio
Domenik Trunzer
Rachel Treiber
Paige Peterson lets do this
Hurreia Balouch
what if someone is severely allergic to bananas or if those documents are super important?
Jodie Delgado
Great Job Kevin McShane! But I need to ask how did you master the smirking face emoticon! Absolute genius!!!!
Julianna Burback
Giovanni Begazo-Vega loooool
Anna Hernandez
Kevin del Cid
Pam Stewart get ready!
Mirade McGloin
Selena Zamudio oh my goodness lmao!
Jamil Saghir
Lulu Lopez it reminded me of you hahaha
Rebecca Williams Aschim
Christina Sheehan
You're an asshole! But I thought it was funny cx
The things im thinking I Marylin

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