6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit

6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit
6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit
Published on 11/17/2017
6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit


This poor guy needs to go shopping soon! He's out of everything. 😂
I was about to be like "everyone uses their nails to get food outta their teeth" but idk man I usually leave the nail attached first...but that's just me..
What kinda nasty ass guys yall know
I have never used any of these "hacks"
When the hair gel is gone... I thought it was gonna be something else xD
Who the hell bothers to reach down to wipe your hands on your socks? I just use my jeans.
Actually using your finger is totally acceptable, my Father was a Dentist and when we forgot our tooth brushes he told us to use our fingers.
I have never chewed off a fingernail to use as a toothpick. Nor have i used socks as a napkin....
This is then worst buzzfeed video ever, look at its ratings on YouTube
Daaaaamn i'm a guy.
Not a single truth was told this day.
Who the hell runs spit through their hair? That's gross as hell…
Obviously these must be guys who were raised by wolves
I'm a girl and I do all of that and probably some grosser stuff too. Does this make me a guy now? Shit.
No one does that nasty shit.
What type of dirty shit is this -___- maybe them guys at buzzfeed do all that
Who wipes stuff on their socks??
This is gross.. Makes me never wanna touch a guy again..
I am a guy but I have never done any of these things...
Definitely thinking about using the sock one
What the fuck!? I've never done or even thought of doing these things. Who made this video? Sad to say but probably some women who imagined guys would do something this gross cause she in fact does them. Weak sauce Buzzfeed.
Buzzfeed you must stop!
I thought the hair gel was going in a whole different direction! Haha
I think that the females commenting on this prove that the title should be the other way around. I don't know a single guy who does any of these...
Nobody uses spit for hair gel. We just run our hand under the sink faucet and wet our hair....many times throughout that day. Nobody uses their socks as a napkin either. We use our pant leg. There may be a small number who would actually use Fabreeze or some such thing on dirty clothes but, most of us just wear the dirty clothes as is. And anybody who would refer to these things as "hacks" is a fucktard. The others are true, although tweezers are not the optimal way to deal with nose hairs, nose hair trimmers are.
I have literally never in my life done anyone of these. Ever.
I Admit It I Never Used any Of these Gross Hack Seriously Thats Unhealthy You Haved to be very Lazy to do that
You mean 'White guy' hacks. My curly ass hair doesn't do hair gel. Nor do I get nose hair... >__>
Um, I may be a woman... BUT I have never, nor do I know anyone who physically uses their ripped off nail to pick something out of their teeth.... Why rip it off? Gross.
I'm a guy and I don't do any of this. This should be renamed signs of bad hygiene
Fuck that,spit head smelling ass. Never.
Who could possibly be this much of a slob?!
Who the fuck uses saliva for hair styling and finger nail for toothpicks? Absolutely wrong.
Who in the right mind would sneeze in their hand and use their mucous as hair gel? Buzzfeed I question your references big time on your latest videos.
That's pretty gross shit. Gotta say, I've never done any of those
WTF that is disgusting. I can happily say I have never done the gross shit in this video. I've wiped my hands on my pants but who hasn't.
6 Gross Hacks that guys who work in buzzfeed use but don't admit*
I guess I've seen WOMEN do the same things as well.
And I hate how everyone calls everything a hack now. Where the fuck did this term come from. Its not a hack its just called being lazy.
Obviously this is a video about single men. He wouldn't have been out of so much stuff if he had a woman.
Rephrase "Hacks for homeless men that use public bathrooms."
shit...no penis but close enough i guess
I haven't done of any of these😂 normal guys would just go buy the stuff we need if we're out of it. Or make sure that we're stocked up on shit so we don't run out of it. Logic.
Who the hell puts spit in their hair
Why God whyyyyy 😭😭😭
Lies! You might, but I sure don't. Nice job Buzz Feed! You screwed up!
Never done any of this yAll mfs just nasty
Eeewww... lol
I'm a guy and I find this offensive :p
Lol Comments too funny

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