dog love pool ball table
Published on 12/11/2017


nice shootin', next time save the 8-ball for last
That is one very cute pooch. Playing pool with himself. Love the growl!
This is great I have never seen a cat do this!
That is too cute.... Chihuahua's are too adorable
Matthew Connor Tanya Morton this is me playing pool😂
Haha I was about to say challenge accepted...then I saw the dog
Mikey, u need to have these kinda skills 😊
I would not let a dog on my pool table just saying 😂😂
I could watch this all day.
He scratched. (The other balls.)
Chris Luebbert
I need one of these little guys so I can actually beat you!
That is so cute!! Missy was intent on watching this video. If she starts doing this, we're going to be making some money!! lol
hey lovel this dog is good
Omg I need to tech Stitchy that!
What a great video just to cute.😊😊
his tail never stops! he's loving the game!
That is so amazing! Love it! You know I'm going to have to share this video.
I used to have a video of our black cat, "Baby" doing this on our pool table in South Beach, and he slid and fell off the table it was sooooooooooo cute. Burned up in our house fire in 2004.(The tape, not the cat) hahaha
hehe so cute i love it how he starts moving a ball but then another one gets in the way but he still goes after the one he was moving in the first place hehe usually they see another object and go after that one instead
That's really cool!! I love watching this!!😊👍
I liked the video. Very entertaining and the dog is cute and fun.
Oh I think our Dashound, Dixie, would definitely do this... If we could just get her to come out from under the covers!!! 🐶
Madeleine Reardon please tell me you've seen this whole thing it's currently my favorite video
Seen before. One of my favorite videos. Such a smart happy dog.
My pooch Pickles now has a new sport! Bird chasing and stick murder have become moot! Thank you for the inspiration. :)
Izzy Doyle this is the best video ever 😂
Reggie just watched this with me. Then started to play with his green ball. Just need the table now matt
Maria José mostre para o tio esse video 😂😂😂😂
Claire Russell Katie Shiroma Christina Shiroma
Hahah Shawncy Gavelin it's so cute! Raiden makes those exact sounds :)
guys, we just need to train our pets:) Simmy Chow Sylvia Lee Christina Isaacs Jessica Tom
Kari Duray check him out! Love the lil noises he makes
Tim Steele, now here is a trick you could teach Juno!!!
Just a great video!
Adorable! First there was Minnesota Fats, now we have Tijuana Shorty! ;-)
Gabriel Lippaus Mateus hahahahha o video que meu irmao me marco
Love it! Good dog, good training. You can tell that dog is loved...Jasmin
Look at that tail going! Great fun!
Il est plus doué que moi!!!
Cute I love the way it growls when he puts the pool balls in the slots
Still better than Jack Vicary. Sam Vicary Nick Toonen Lucas Jeffries
Michael Duffy Ann-Marie Barron Nick Stampanato Brian Gray
Chi's are so smart, people don't give them enough credit!!!
so deliciously cute!! and the people are wonderful for inspiring him!!
So dang cute! Love that wagging tail!
What do they pay these dogs .R
someone likes to play pool
so cute, sporty and happy dog

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