lima idea
Published on 10/19/2017


Any idea where these can be purchased?? Or the website or name of the company that makes them?
vatandaş boş durmuyor ne yapsamda insanlığa faydalı olsam diye düşünüyor her düşünen insana allah selamet versin
fara' felice sicuramente a molte persone disabili complimenti
Super q buen video@!!
This is a life changing enhancement. So worth mass marketing.
QUIEN dice ahora que las personas que tienen problemas de locomoción motora no pueden disfrutar de la belleza de la vida. Tenemos que ver las cosas con otros ojos y tener amplitud mental. Los tiempos cambian y así será per sécula seculorum
I so happy for people who need this, I only hope it's affordable for everyone, not just the rich. My brother would have loved it if he were still alive.
super !!! pero cuanto costara??
My friend,Andy got this just before,christmas boy,did it,give him,freedom incredible he is,a,different man
Beautiful thing but if it comes to ny they will find a way to make it illegal or make you get plates smh
geniale da far conoscere a tutti i portatori di handicap
Impresionante!!!Qué invento maravilloso!!!
Where are their helmets !!!!
Boa tarde Júnior, muito legal estou pesquisando quite livre, vou te enviar o linqui abraços.!!!
that is cool. see what money can do for you
How good is that? Independence for people in wheelchairs. Excellent.
Renato Matias Gabriella Lima Douglas Cavalcanti Emanuel Lima Jeferson Dos Santos
muito pratico
Excelente medio de transporte para personas que tengan necesidad de husar silla de ruedas
At the End of the video
There is a homepage!
I have two question for this item.
Where the frond wheel will be stored!
How the battery will be loaded!
If the person who will use can't do it by hisself
It will be useless!
Also I would like to know what will happen claiming a hill?
Does the frond wheel not slip?
Rober Asdgfjrnasir Jose Manuel Camacho Perez Leonardo Bayardo Sanz
Two thumbs up 4 the inventor! My gratefulness that u had already been able 2 make diffable wish of accessable comes true
Muito bom!!! Show👀👀
When I am 99 I want one of these and hope to get a traffic ticket
Renata David Pio
Minha próxima aquisição Scottini Fabio Luiz kkkkkkkk
Çok güzel... Darısı bizim engellilere
Gabryel Duarte Guilherme ReisIgor Espirito SantoAndrei CostaAlesson AlvesGerrad MalatGustavo HenriqueDouglas JuniorMaike Moura Vinícius Lima Ronaldy Reis CONHEÇO ESSE TCC AE EM ISAHDSAUIDHSAUIHDSAUHDSADUHSAUDHSAUD
SzJoao Olha q massaaa...
Totally cool!!
قالو معاقين نحن الي معاقين
What a great idea .
Fabuloso para calles entre unidades cerradas o ciudades sin tanto trafico, faltaría una luz o algo de color para que los carros puedan verlas . La idea maravillosa!
eu tbmm
bellissima soluzione
Que maravilha,independência para muitos.
❤️🎀share...thank you~
Wheels make them wider never tip over.
Yea I've seen this. Not far from it but gotta keep the arms strong.
Super sprawa.
That's what's up
I want buy it

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