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Published on 10/20/2017


These are the pure and correct yoga poses that my dad taught me as a child. My dad who is 87 still practices yoga and is in good health in both mind and body. I gave up after the birth of my children but i guess the hard exercise I did as a child still keeps me going quite well. Thanks for sharing this video.
как он еще левитацию, гравитацию не показал?!
saya rasa dia dah biasa,takpe
Incredible. Very soothing background music and singing.
Gig giggity.
Für den muss die Medizin extra 360°-Hüftgelenke erfinden. :-D - Und wenn er sich jetzt noch zusammenfalten kann, so kann er sich auch noch selbst am Hintern küssen.
Eso lo hago yo tres veces al día jajajaja
Practic so well! If someone can practic everyday when they're borned, they can do it too! Nothing special!
Caspita sta in forma smagliante?
Muoio!!!! Dai piovano... Se c impegnamo possiamo farcela 😄
Increíble llegar a esa edad con tanta elasticidad. Se ve que es el resultado de una vida muy disciplinada.
Il est souple le petit vieux
Feroza,interessante questo video!
does anyone know what song this is?
lo facevo pure io ...
cine poate oase roade cine nu ...nici carne moale.
Ram Das this is beautiful... is there a way I can fjnd out what that beautiful music is? I love it. And may I ask if you know what language it is in
Mi sento un tantini legata!!! Leti
adamda bir gram yagi birak et de yok!
Namastê !
Matteo Marinelli io tutte le mattine.
זהו המדריך ליוגה בני חוטה
good job,,,,,,,,!!!!
very good man like sports
def double jointed id say amazing x
wooooooooooo very good
wowwww !!!!!!!
Con lo delgado que esta lo raro sería que no pudiera hacerlo
Công fu ...tuyệt vời!
an incredible video to see and to practice yoga like this
Ser ju VÄLDIGT bekvämt ut‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️👣👺💂👷👳
uhhhhhh wowwww awsome
why is he doing this? what is the health benefits? Why is he so skinny? Diet?
ادم باورش نميشه عمو اين يك انسان معمولى باشه
Hom mani hom..
Soetwas schafft du nur ,mit täglichem und hartem Training auch im hohen Alter !!!! Mein Respekt !!!!
Fácil demais! Queria vê-lo fazer o mesmo barrigudo!
Bravo. Et respect
لا أحد يستطيع وبهذا العمر أحسنتم.
When I was a child I could easily do things like this. Now I can barely get up and walk across the room!
Incredibile !! Bravissimo....
Nećeš ti nikad u Mirovinu!!!!
k maravi..a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y con esa edad!!!!!!!!.
parang ikaw ito kapayat She Faith
ostras , que dolor me cruje to ´ ........ ;)
اﻳﻦ ﺭا اﺯ ﻛﺠﺎ ﻛﺮﺩﻱ ﻭﺣﻴﺪ ﺟﺎﻥ

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