Published on 10/19/2017


"Just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I won't be able to do it someday."
This made me cry. I'm in so much pain every day. Nobody wants to hear it or they are tired of me complaining. So far, as of this date, I have had neck surgery C3,4,5,, lower back surgery L5,S1, rotator cuff repair, right knee bone on bone. Everybody has complaints of some sort. This is a new awakening for me. I cry almost every day because of my pain and take a regimen of medications. Anybody can swallow a pill, but not everyone can do what this guy did!!!! I give myself 10 months to walk and run like him. I have a grandson I need to play with, ride bicycles with, and watch him grow. Please God, give me the will and strength to be a new woman in an old body.
Your story has brought tears to my eyes, and has given me strength!
Thank you for your service and thank you for sharing your amazing story! Congratulations on your success!!
This is phenomenal! An incredible inspiration and reminder that we are capable of so much more, every day. Thank you, Michelle - needed this today!
I ear you brother last dec I was 318 pounds and my left operated knee hurt me so bad I almost gave up... ALMOST ! Im not there yet (objectif) but...
Thank you for sharing your amazing story. We all need to be reminded never to give up.
Truly amazing and encouraging. I had tears of joy for this man and his story....wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
I saw this man and the Yoga instructor on Shark Tank. So moving and inspiring!!
What's his name Geez I wish they'd of displayed his name in the video somewhere, wait but maybe I missed it bc my volume is muted since the kiddos are rt here asleep. So please no sarcasm if anyone chooses to comment on my request/question.
Amazing man definitely inspiring 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Doctors are not always right! I broke my neck, lost the use of my left arm and was told less than a 2% chance of ever using it again. That was unacceptable so I worked it daily and within 10 months was able to lift my first beer! That was 1987!
DDP the yoga instructor is an old Wwe wrestler
An amazing story of strength, courage and the will to succeed. Thank you for the inspiration. I got this!
God is able & will....
This mans faith is so incredible it made me cry.
Teary eyed
If don't believe in your self who will I live by that thank you for your service I'm very grateful for Heros like you
We all have a battle with weight and health. This post should encourage anyone and everyone. Well done with being such a inspiration. Also, Thanks for your service in the military
Everyone with a weight problem should watch this. Even if you are feeble and need strength, you should watch this..
wow thanks for sharing
Si se puede.
las ganas y ,la fé en DIOS.
Wow beautiful story God bless you and the guys that help you
Awesome story :)
The human spirit is truly indomitable!!! Thank you for your service, and for your inspiration!!!
Really touching,really.
Not to understimate,but....if you have really bad and permanent damages to your back and knees,you never ever can go to walking assisted to run again.
Probably,he left himself get really out of shape,for whatever reason.
I m not saying he didn t was in trouble,just that he lacked the mental strenght to exit from that situation.
Once that he had enough,and begun to train again,that s it😉.
I don t believe in miracles,just in hard work.
And that s what he did.
Great job!
Made me cry too. The strength of the human spirit, not to be underestimated.
What an incredible story!! 😭Many blessings always! 🙏
I've seen this video before, but it never gets old. Truly inspirational and amazing.
Very emotional for me to watch but it is true believe in yourself trust none and know that you yourself can do anything in life and that is to succeed and trust in God to get you there. Thank you so much for sharing
Whew. What a great story.
Awesome! Thank you for your service; and thank you for sharing your amazing story. God bless you.
That's awsome way to go
Are you serious a paratrooper named Fallen??
Very inspirational
Good job!!
Enjoy your life, CONGRATULATION <3
Made me cry.
Only God can do this gave me chills I still have that dream for you. Lv sister my faith is strong.
To walk a mile in someone elses shoes. Never give up.
How could any human being not like this... Awesome!
Amazing! Congrats or all your hard work!
Congratulations on your success. May you continue on this journey and God give you all you need in your quest.
Yes...I believe in miracles...because they happen!!!❤️❤️❤️

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