52 Unbelievable Video Game Things At The World's Best Video Game Store

52 Unbelievable Video Game Things At The World's Best Video Game Store
52 Unbelievable Video Game Things At The World's Best Video Game Store
Published on 10/21/2017
52 Unbelievable Video Game Things At The World's Best Video Game Store


Then make a longer video
Pete Harrison I bet you have some of these in your collection. 😎
Video games sometimes do a disservice not doing rereleases for games. I want Knuckles Chaotix for 32X but I don't want to pay that much for a system and game and it is one of the rare Sonic games people want. When I try to emulate games on my computer it goes slow as crap and needs repairing. Lame when companies ignore games for rereleases, also Jr Pac-Man.
Not that great, I didn't see a single European product there.
Stephanie, Drew, Dave, Sabrina, Katie, just look at this omg I wanna goooo! Like about 2 hours from here
Video Games New York is alright.....I guess. No different than most mom n pop, hole in the wall game stores *shrug* A lot of the stuff shown ain't rare or hard to find at all
It's a nice store but 'world's best video game store' is an exaggeration.
Can't believe it's still around. I went there back in high school and it was always empty or had one or two other people there. I wonder what's sustaining it. Guess a lot has changed since then
Ive been to this place a few times.... Not once was I impressed... Im a huge Donkey Kong fan and they didnt carry not one game... I dont know why buzz feed bothered doing a video. Yay cool they have some rare shit and a few cool gadgets...big deal. If you aint got donkey kong you aint got shit.
Nano Calvin Emanuel Oly Guys I found our next trip when we hang out 😏
Boss James, boss John, boss nokie Gerald, boss Revo. Panoorin nio. Bka ung mga collection nio meron dito. Pero parang pang nintendo lang.. haha.
Nate Dark, Timon Boner, I'm not just tagging you for the fact that this store is our heaven, but who the fucks voice is that I know I have heard it before but I can't put my finger on it
I was there when visiting new York. Very over priced. They were selling an out of box cartridge of sonic the hedgehog 2 for $13...get outta here
ah, i see they dusted the place. They could of made a whole brick vacuuming all that dust. either way, awesome store. always look for mario in the front.
Xtine here's that game store again
Don't mean to brake it but I live in a town called Gatineau in Canada and theres a place called The Blue Griffon and they mostly had like everything I saw in this video.
Lana Jetic when You go to New York can you ask if they have a copy of Jurassic park operation Genesis for ps2?
It was such a pleasure guys, im out! Ivan Raúl Alfonso Daniel
Awful prices, though. They wanted $35 for imported Pokemon games at Otakon. Not even in the box, just bare cartridges! They even tried to sell Mario Amiibos for $25!
I work at a retro gaming store in Charleston SC and we have Supaboys, they are amazing but it's nothing not heard of it's been out for a while
Fuck yeah so cool i want to visit that store
video games new york? bitch please! mr potato osaka!
70% of the things in this video he mentioned "For Japan"
I have a Supaboy! Plugged I the super game boy!
Pretty sure I had an orgasm during that video.
This is like the eStarland of New York. eStarland is located in Chantilly, Virginia. Just about 20 minutes from where I live and they sell everything from Atari to PS4/Xbox One. I got my SNES fixed there, I bought an Atari 2600, NES, Nintendo 64, I've repurchased my childhood over there.
Michael, go here and get me cool stuff!!!
Kathrina Neji Natasha this might just be the most incredible store in the entire universe. *homer type drool*
They got streets of game stores in Tokyo, bunch of classics, but all in Japanese. Bought my ps4 for $200 at one of the shops.
I think we can all appreciate this video....Sarah Turnbull Mark Hendry Lozzy Jane Masters Barry Lotz Jade Weafer Nicola Rothon Joshua J W-Morse Sean Cross Michael 'Beard' Greenfield Jessica MacRae
The video keeps glitching out
We have two locations like this in las Vegas. Wii Play & Gamers paradise.
There's way too much stuff I want to have, so I would just get a NES or a Game and Watch
Vero Vargas video game paradise. .stoned for days lol
Can I marry the ower so I can have all this cool stuff
Game world in LasVegas was WAY better,,, until it closed 😔
Store looks awesome.. That guys voice made it so hard to watch
I used to play Pokémon on my Super Gameboy!
open up 2 pages with this video, play them a few seconds apart. enjoy
Georgie Nyuu Thorne we are going to this game shop :D
Will Blayone Marshall Jardine
John Alex
Tanjim Kazi me you and our new squad
Mixalis Johnnie Walker you need to go here while in NY
Monica Kozak Kyle Bone Elisha Kendon
Colette Marie Maroulis Arabella Nagy Julianna Ygan Andrew Wilhelm
Chris Ick Tim Ackerlund Oliver Taylor Ardi Khalafi John Yuen
Azalea M YeeHannah ˚͜˚ ResurreccionJames VolpeFrankie Domenic ArcellaTim ChanJonathan TanToby Li
Jonathan😱i wanna go to this store

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