5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You Watch

5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You Watch
5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You Watch
Published on 12/10/2017
5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You Watch


Who doesn't care about the Super Bowl?! 😒✋ this girl. Who's with me?
Super bowl had 160 million views, Man City vs Chelsea had 650 million :) Real Football FTW.
SEAHAWKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's MetLife stadium have to do with it? Super Bowl is in Phoenix
Go seahawks
PATS of course
Go Hawks!
Patriots will obviously win😂👏
Go Pack Go! 💚💛
Band wagoners are showing up everywhere! I don't remember any Seahawk fans. Not even in Seattle. Went there to watch a game and nobody wore a Seahawk jersey and the stadium was barely full.
GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The team that wears white has won 30 of 48 super bowls? No team has won it more than 6 times.
PATRIOTS! Patriots fan's stay true!
Am I the only one who feels like this was only facts about Seattle?
Are you retarded? Lmao the most superbowls won in NFL history is 6 with the Pittsburgh Steelers
When does it start? They're premiering the new Jurassic World trailer, couldn't care less about the Super Bowl, just gimme dinosaurs!
How about that Puppy & Kitty bowl!🐶🐱🏈💗
Seacocks are going to lose. Sorry guys..routing for the wrong team.
Patriots will win, oh wait they did win.
Go Pats!!!
Let's go pats 💙❤️
I have faith in the pats to pull through
I watch for the commercials and halftime! 😂😂😂
Go Seahawks
patriots take advantage of a seriously....seriously stupid play call...
Seahawks!!! Duh!!
Seahawks! We're ready for a Re-pete!
Seahawks! 💚💙💚💙
But the ravens won 3 years ago..
Go pats!
Update: Patriots won
Go Patriots!
More expensive then Jerry's world?
Seahawks why do u think the grass is green and the sky is blue 💙💚💙💚
Patriots !!!!! Stupid gayhawk seabirds
The team that doesn't deflate the ball
I'll be taking a bubble bath, polishing my toes and finishing paperwork tonight. #whatSuperBowl?
We waste money on the stupidest shit when there are people on the streets starving to death and unable to pay to go to the hospital even with this "free" Obamacare

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