5 Reasons Why Cat People Rule So Hard

5 Reasons Why Cat People Rule So Hard
5 Reasons Why Cat People Rule So Hard
Published on 11/19/2017
5 Reasons Why Cat People Rule So Hard


I demand a Pro-Dog follow up video.
A dog can be trained to sniff out early stages of cancer and save lives.
A cat shits in a box.
I LOVE BOTH!!! People who like neither are just...odd.
I read on the internet that cat people are 99% more likely to commit suicide
Buzzfeed.. I'm a big fan, but this was just stupid.
Cats are bipolar, shits and pisses in a box that smells up whatever room it's in could care less if you were home or not as long as it's fed and watered. A dog is a companion for life. Waits for you to get home. Adults mat have many friends but that dog only has you to look forward to hanging with.
Where's the dog video, cat people are crazy.
Dogs are mans best friends for several reasons...
Like for Dogs
Hehe definitely watched this with my cat sitting on me watching it with me. Lol. And damn, those first comments....what haters. Lol
I have a cat but he just sorta started living here. Cats are shifty like that. You have to go out of your way to get a dog.
Why does it have to be a competition. ? Both animals are beautiful so Why cant we Just be happy That we have the opportunity to choose instead of discussing whats best? Like..Thats not whats important. .! People are so stupid !!!
:) <3 heh
dogs were the first domesticated animal and are man's best friend cats just fukin showed up some time a for whatever reason became pets, and dogs are accutualy loyal and love their owner where cats don't and another thing dogs can be trained to accutualy do stuff other that kill rats and laze about the house dogs can do stuff like hunt, carry things, guard, help farm and many other things so in conclusion if you have a cat kill it there the shitcunt animals of the animal kingdom.
Kimmie Leab what if I'm a cat AND dog lover?
Yeah cats protect your home and love one. My bad, those are dogs...
Shannon Martin-Cordone Megan CordoneAj Cordone
Heriberto Jake
Cindy Castro
Alli Thompson
Cindy Massey❤️❤️❤️
Adam Morales, hahaha!
Shawnell Katelynne Frady
Marcella Rodriguez
Hey! Kristen Fahnoe
Alyssa Martinez anytime I see anything concerning cats I think about you and your child lol
Hilda Vargas😂
Joe Phillipy
Leslie Hansen Miranda Alejandro Ortiz Torres
Gregory Voss
Kristen McIntosh
Maggie Newman... Thought of you
Jennifer Cox thought of you! 😽😻
Jacinta Willocks
Violet Mendez Pamela Marsala Shannon Carpenter Nick Hissam
Farhana Rahim Ridianawati Rahim Vinod Bhatia
i would rather have a dog then my house smell like poop from a litter box
Erin Abasolo. This reminds me of you:)
Brittany O'Shields
Leah Reish well I love both. But my bby kardashian rules. Nd I am nonconformest
Becky Lake
Saray Lucas
Aubrey Diehl Adriana Bormann
Alayna Clark
Fuck cats
Karina Umana
Tera Ford
Amber , this is a no brainer.
Jae Whan Keum
Devily Hibs

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