5 Easy Microwave Desserts

5 Easy Microwave Desserts
5 Easy Microwave Desserts
Published on 11/17/2017
5 Easy Microwave Desserts


If I'm using all these ingredients then I might as well make the real dessert.
too many ingredients needed for me..
The Secret Krabby Patty Formula
If you want to make Krabby Patty at home then follow the secret recipe.
- Seaweed buns
- Imitation crab meat patty
- Cheese
- Sea Ketchup
- Sea Mustard
- Sea Lettuce
- Sea Tomato
- Sea Pickles
- Sea Onion
- 2 teaspoons chopped celery
- 2 teaspoons chopped onion
- 4-6 tablespoons vegetable oil
- 1 teaspoons thyme
- 2 eggs
- 1 lb frozen imitation crab meat (defrosted and smashed in a food processor)
- 4 cups seasoned bread crumbs
- 1 tablespoons mustard dijon
- 1 tablespoons mayonnaise plus more for dipping sauce salt and pepper (to taste)
- Ketchup for dipping sauce
1. Combine crab meat with ingredients in a bowl
2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and bake for 10 mintues.
How to prepare:
To prepare a Krabby Patty, the grill must be heated to exactly 298 °F. Then the patty has to be flipped on the grill and not burned. the order of putting the ingredients is: bottom bun, mayo, patty, lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and top buns.
I don't like the idea of microwaving stuff that should be baked..
Damn it! I'm missing 1 ingredient from every single one >.<
That brittle looks burnt to all shit. Doing it on a stove isn't that much harder.
Beautiful Brittle? More like Burnt to hell Brittle.
That peanut brittle is so burnt!
Cuz everyone remembers how tasty each failed brand of microwave cakes was that they have tried to launch over the past 30 years!!!
Shows all the ingredients: "already complicated, I'll just buy tollhouse"
Clearly you and I have a different meaning to the word "easy". Easy would be like ramen. Pop it in a bowl, add water, presto!.
I'd rather have a reaction video of folks eating the micro-goodies.
Did anyone else laugh super hard whenever there was the backround audience freaking out? LOL
Still too much work...
I just made the Nutella cake one and it's actually pretty good and easy to make ☺️🍫🎂
No way...
Make bigger batches and put it in the oven. Tastes better.
Looks disgusting... each one...
Don't be a lazy sh*t and make it the old fashion way
Nothing good comes out of a microwave.
wtf is 80% power...too much work for a microwave lmfao
alot of times the microwave cakes r either weirdly rubbery or not cooked all the way but every now and then they turn out ok
The only one that looked good was nutella cake. But then again. Its nutella
Rice Krispy treats! Just microwave butter and marshmallows together and mix it with Rice Krispies, let it cool, Cheerios treats taste better in my opion
The thought of microwaving raw eggs doesn't sit well with me. Salmonella, anyone?
Seriously... Just bake it.
Oh look at me...I'm going to complain rather than seeing how awesome...
Basically what all these comments sound like. Go sit down somewhere.
I don't think I would try any of these. What happened to old fashion baking?
This works for people who don't have an oven at their house.
Some of these look so vile, come on kids... learn how to bake
Way too many ingredients.
yeah thats a lot of work just to put it in the microwave. I mean if your're gonna do all that you may as well just put it in the oven. thats the easy part.
The microwave is great for a lazy person and a procrastinator, like me. But I'll be damned if I have to go through all of these steps just to make a dessert.
Thanks, now I'll be testing all of this😂
The peanut brittle look totally burnt
Esto es perfecto para todas aquellas personas que no sabemos cocinar *.*
Some of these look so vile, come on kids... learn to bake
Beautifully burnt brittle lol
Some one know the song? Lol
But those sound effects tho 😂
I made the nuttela one and it went all over my microwave -.-
Im off to make the nutella cake right now :D
None of these desserts looked appetizing to me.
Don't... dont ruin food with a microwave. just bake it... cook it...
I just wanted to see who else liked the music 😎😎😎
3st !!!
For some reason in all quick dessert stuff like these. I'm always missing at least one ingredient. Fml!
Batoul Aoun 😂😂 this is kind of weird I know! Bas remember when I asked me how to make a mug cake in the microwave
Well these are 5 extra desserts :p enjoy I guess
How is that easy
Haha food for lazy Ass people might as well get cancer with all the radiation you get from this hahah

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