4 Tricks To Replace Carbs With Cauliflower

4 Tricks To Replace Carbs With Cauliflower
4 Tricks To Replace Carbs With Cauliflower
Published on 10/22/2017
4 Tricks To Replace Carbs With Cauliflower


Not for nothing, maybe cheese isn't the healthiest choice but I wish I had these recipes when I was pregnant with gestational diabetes. Doesn't necessarily have to be extremely healthy, but a diabetic might appreciate it. Just saying....
But...does it taste good?
Why do you need to replace carbs? Carbs are not bad for you, they are your body's main source of energy...
cauliflower also has carbs but is a slower releasing (lower gi) than processed and man made carbs resulting in less fat stored
Cauliflower pizza dough is duh bomb! πŸ’£
Cauliflower and the majority of vegetable are still carbs FYI
Been nice if we had the recipe, like how much cauliflower, how many eggs, etc.
How about using real cheese on that grilled cheese instead of that nasty processed stuff in plastic
In Australia, we call tater tots 'potato gems'.
Wow!! Cauliflower is my new best friend
Seems like too much work, besides, nothing can replace a real grilled cheese when eating cream of tomato soup.
Do people realize that cauliflower Still has carbs?? If it's not a fat or a protein it's a carbohydrate....
Not a cauliflower fan - under any circumstances
That is a LOT of effort just to make a damn grilled cheese.
Yes, cauliflower is a carb but it's a good carb, complex, not simple carb so is good for you. All the cheese added doesn't make it a healthy dish. Use the cauliflower but sub in other lower fat ingredients. And, yes, it is about the carbs for diabetics!!
They tell you the ingredients but not the quantity of each to use!
Leah Stalsby not sure if you've seen this one BUT, he's another cauliflower recipe video
Isla Young
Literally am I the only person that knows cauliflower is a carb?!?!
Cool Amanda Crymble alleen herinner je je nog die 'gezonde' pizza die ik maakte in italie. Die bodem had ik ook met deze ingrediΓ«nten gemaakt. Maar die was niet goed te eten:p
I don't like cauliflower but these look delicious
It looks good, but isn't cauliflower all carbs? Sure, it is probably better eating if you are watching your calories. Just think the replace carbs with cauliflower(carbs) is pretty funny.
if you're going to replace the bread with Cauliflower, why the hell would you use processed cheese? Really!!!???
I did the low carb diet for 7 months & lost over 40 lbs. Not once did my craving for bread and pasta leave, nor did I find a good replacement for either. Bye cauliflower you didn't fool anyone.
I saw on TV a pizza crust made with cauliflower.
We eat a lot of cauliflower. We make pizza shells with it. We shave it to make cauliflower rice. We roast whole cauliflower.
Ok read it! It's not about the cheese. It's about the carbs. Why do people have to be so negative?
Yes, cauliflower has carbs. That is not from a starch, which is a good carb. It's a LOW-CARB diet. Not a NO-CARB diet. You need healthy carbs, which comes from a lot select veggies. Cauliflower is a good carb.
If you are on a low-carb diet the cheese and cauliflower are fine.
Not sure why everyone has to find a negative in everything? ! Celebrate a new idea... if its not for you, so be it
Cauliflower is excellent but egg and cheese. Is this sponsored by the egg and dairy industry?
Katy it's basically you just replace the bread with cauliflower and add shittons of cheese... SOUNDS GOOD TO ME
Replace carbs with deez nuts...
Hey if you are looking for a low carb food plan but allows for some complex carbs, try AdvoCare. It has helped me loose 60 lbs and feel great more energy. Message me or text me Barbara Francis 8704058396.
Are these written out somewhere so I can print it? I am not a fan mushed cauliflower, but limiting carbs has been the secret to maintaining a healthy weight for over 10 years.
It all looks gross to me and I like cauliflower......I'll find another way to cut out carbs.
Great way to get kids to have what otherwise I'd call baked cauliflower au gratin (same as all these recipes), and which I prefer.
Cauliflower is a carb. Fyi. Just a much more fibrous one. #educationnotpropaganda
i love roasted tumeric cauliflower
Bc all that cheese doesn't make up for the bread
Yummy! I've made the fried rice cauliflower , it was good . I've absolutely got to try the grilled cheese! Actually I've got to try them all! They look delicious!
Takea Staten food processors are the best! I've only tried Fried cauliflower rice and cauliflower pizza. It's really yummy boo! See if you were closer to me I'd make it for you 😞 lol #bestielove #foodporn #lowcarbs
I made these last week and they're soooooooooo yummy! I made garlic cheese "bread" sticks with them (reduced fat mozzarella cheese & reduced fat mayo mixed with fresh garlic). Also yummy by themselves adding Italian dressing dry seasoning packet mixed in before cooking...πŸ˜‹
I was told that my weight issues might be due to wheat belly....hmmmm...these look like delicious alternatives to foods that contain wheat....I'm going to try some...thanks for sharing.
Cauliflower is a vegetable, similar to broccoli. Of course, you would need to go easy on the cheese.
Carbs are for supplying fuel to engines. Cauliflower are good to promote up chucking
You do know cauliflower, like any other vegetable, is still a "carb?" Good job buzzfeed on contributing to the abundant misinformation that already exists in the health and fitness industry.
Pretty cool how diverse cauliflower can be if you give it a chance, some people are set in their was and that ok but ya never know till ya try 😊
Personally I'd rather have one good grilled cheese a year than a fake grilled cheese every day, but I don't have Celiacs. Real bread and real cheese.
I'm not a cauliflower fan so for me this is the stuff of nightmares, but I'm sure there are people with Celiacs and various allergies who are thankful for these recipes. Nobody has to make it!
For those of you upset about the breadcrumbs--if you need a wheat free substitute for breadcrumbs, grind up or crush rice Chex. If you want Panko don't smash it as small.
I think many people are confused by the term "carbs"--simple carbs are not the same as complex carbs. All carbs are not equal. All breads are not equal. All fats are not equal. All cheese is not equal. Wonder bread is not the same as freshly baked bread made with a few natural ingredients. Velvita or processed cheese singles are not the same as cheddar cheese. Margarine is not the same as coconut oil or butter. Chicken nuggets aren't the same as chicken breast. That hopefully seems obvious--it is the same with carbs. The carbs from vegetables are not the same as the carbs from Twinkies. It is sugar and highly processed carbs that are the problem, not carbs on their own.
Ok that makes sense lol. Load it with cheese esp. Mozzarella, for which cheese is the bad sources of protein, then fry it. Could not get more unhealthy than a mcdonalds takeaway. However it is using low carb veg. Oh my. Just saying.

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