4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try

4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try
4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try
Published on 12/11/2017
4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try


...or you could just make normal grilled cheese ._.
the last one looks like a heart attack
I have a better one. Make a grilled cheese like normal but add ham, turkey, or chicken. It's so good and I can't be the only one who does this.
That last one was gross. The only one I would try is the one with the iron 😁
I'm not the only one that is having nightmares tonight by seeing mac and cheese cut in the middle with all its terrifying porous texture, right? *hides under blanket*
Would you like some Fries with that heart attack?
no wonder why people are unhealthy and fat in this world
Anyone with any culinary knowledge or anyone who actually knows how to cook would realize none of these would actually work.
1) Iron would crush the sandwich and having it in foil only adds heat, NOT what's needed for it to toast.
2) putting a slice of chees in a toaster will only destroy the toaster. You will have cheese everywhere, not a good idea at all.
3) Go ahead, I dare you to put a cheese on a pan and cook it, especially a pan that already has stuff on it fro cooking a sandwich.
4) The Easy-Mac sandwich is just all around a dumb idea. The ingredients of the batter will just mix with it, the mac will be cold even after only cooking the batter that long, etc.
I've watched enough unresearched and fals information BuzzFeed videos, i'm out.
how high do you guys get before making some of the disgusting ideas like the easy mac grilled cheese? yuck.
Everyone please look up Melt Bar and Grilled. World Famous Grilled Cheese restaurant. You will not be dissapointed.
Mac n cheese grilled cheese!!!
Brody Park grilled cheese taken to the Next level. Is tomato soup still better?
The toaster does not work. I repeat, THE TOASTER DOES NOT WORK. Unless you want to fill the house with smoke because the cheese melts and then drips onto the element inside the toaster, then sure, go ahead and try the toaster thing. I dare you.
I actually make the grilled cheese grilled cheese but I use american on the inside and shredded cheddar on the outside and it gets all crispy and delicious. It's actually really amazing!!!
2nd one is so extremely dangerous :o Toaster will catch on fire for sure, it has happened to many people already that even a Toaster company is trying to warn everyone for this 'trick'..
Kate Yesberg we need to try these tricks :')
i AM GONNA iron a grilled cheese Sarah Ennis
Thing all grilled cheese lovers should know Yessi Argueta
Kirstie even you have to admit the last one is too much
Sofia I miss you making the best grilled cheeses at 2 am!
Grilled cheese with pepperoni slices is awesome!
Jeff Fahringer that mak and cheese grilled cheese tho 😍😍😍
Cheese licious. Mmmmmm
The only one I would try is NONE 😂
This is what white people do.
Mikhail Ameer Selvan LoganathanEllie JellyMohammad Rizzy
The grilled cheese grilled cheese won't really taste any different and only makes the pan you fried it in harder to wash because of the gross melted cheese
Today baby Angiie Arias
Alex Reyes
Joshua Johnstone
To bad your not allowed cheese Ian Brown
Droon Smith Eric Chavez
Alicia Vasquez
Collin Randall
Katharina Schnitzler Nr. 1, so kannst du das auch ohne Sandwichmaker 😂
Look at that last one, so gross Makayla Heninger
Sam Dallimore Annie Purbrick Anne Miller
Gabriela CholletPackito MontesYadira GarciaJesus O. Lopez Alvarez
Eww idk about the last one lol
Now I want a grilled cheese
Patti Blake :O
Hannah Consitt a new way for you to make your grilled cheese in a toaster😂
Come si fa a congelare i maccheroni al formaggio e poi friggerli AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Carla Ruggiu
That Mac and cheese one looks incredible Henry Fedrizzi Mar Dos Santos
Lexie Smith THE MACK AND CHEESE ONE 😍❤️ Michelle 'Lietz' Longman lex and I are making this
Dove Subingsubing Arrenz Jay :)
Jose Ortega Karen Onofre :)

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