4 Easy Nutella Hacks You Need To Make

4 Easy Nutella Hacks You Need To Make
4 Easy Nutella Hacks You Need To Make
Published on 10/20/2017
4 Easy Nutella Hacks You Need To Make


My nutella recipe:
1. A spoon
2. Jar of nutella
Don't waste time. Just get the spoon, dip it in Nutella. Then, put it straight in your mouth!.
I made nutella pancakes before, so much yum!
Am i the only one annoyed with the cleaning part after each recipe? Everything is sticky. lol
And....There goes my struggle diet lol
Buzzfeed knows that the reason I eat Nutella it's because I'm too lazy to do anything else right?
... I thought Nutella dip was literally just you dipping things into the Nutella. Huh.
This just killed me 😭😭😭😭😭
I ❤ Nutella
Or you could just eat straight up Nutella instead of wasting time making it fancy 🏼
1. Nutella is already a dip
2. The popsicle and the ice cream are the same
I know someone who makes the best Nutella .....
Reese's peanut butter spread > Nutella
The nutella frozen treats look pretty good. Nutella is too sweet for me in its form right out of the jar.
Never tried nutella😂 dont like chocolate spread tho😂
what a fucking waste of nutella -_-
I do not want to make these but I will be happy to help by licking off the Nutella spoon
Screw the Popsicles, I'm mixing Nutella in milk and I'm done!
I've never had nutella.... is it good
nahh.. nutella itself will do
Does buzzfeed have stock in Nutella?
how in the hell that was stiff peaks.lol You want to always do medium peaks because you'll work the whip cream into stiff peaks when you make that XD
Nutella is gross.... and I'm not understanding the hype at all....
My two year old twins watched this with me whispering "mmmmmmm" in my ear the whole time 😳
nutella 😻😻 forever love
I still have Nutella on my blouse, it won't come out 😫😑
Hacks? Otherwise known as recipes you bloody degenerates..
How to make nutella dip:
1. take the thing
2. dip it in nutella
nutella Popsicle yummmm ♥
Peanut butter >>>>> nutella
I feel like I gained 100 lbs watching this
Package of wonton wrappers
Jar of Nutella
Powdered Sugar
Oil for frying
Put about a tablespoon of Nutella in each wanton wrapper, pinch to seal.
Fry for a few minutes until wontons are golden. Dust with powdered sugar.
Why didn't you use a spatula?!? Watching this person use a spoon to scrape out the Nutella was the only thing I was able to focus on...
Ruby Akkad i guess eno il lal nutella dip ha tsir ma3 oreo !?
More interested in what the song is.
Andrea Bustamante um... when I'm back, let's make nutella ice cream kay
Hawraa Najjar shufe l nutella cookies 😅 bdna nsewihun
best recipe for Nutella with just two ingredients: Jar of Nutella + a Spoon 😇
I'm 40. I have no clue what a stiff peak is when blending. I don't own 90% of these ingredients aside from the actual Nutella. And the only reason I have that is because I had a coupon. If I want Nutella ice cream, I'll let my kid throw some in the freezer and bam, Nutella ice cream.
Good ideas : ) I think Nutella is okay, but I'll always prefer Pizza. Pizza is just
a-w-e-s-o-m-e <3
The song is awesome!
This video gave me diabetes
Dear Buzzfeed,
These are not "hacks." These are recipes.
The English-speaking world
It's not a hack it's a fucking recipe
waste of nutella
amazing nutella
Jewelyn Oliveros bake nutella cookies and bring em to work hehehe <3
Omfg Vanessa Valdez, since your already my cookie girl please make me the Nutella cookies I'll love you forever!! 😁😘😘
I silently critiqued their use of dry measuring cups for liquids - damn home economics classes!
i'm screaming
I don't think you have to use so many calories just to dip some strawberries. Simple nutella is good too. Just saying.

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