33 Confessions Only Siblings Could Understand

33 Confessions Only Siblings Could Understand
33 Confessions Only Siblings Could Understand
Published on 10/19/2017
33 Confessions Only Siblings Could Understand


Renae Powers- remember when I would charge you money to be in my room because you were "breathing my air"- lol
33 is the new 17
Sooo I guess 17= 33 now
Lmfao xD damn right I ate a whole pizza so my sister couldn't have none Eybonae Rose
"my broter is my bestfriend"
wow good job such confession much secret
The struggles of a 5 year old lol
Awesome vid but don't post 33 if the video is only about 17..
I read "my sister pissed me off, so I had sex with her on her bed." Omg. Never mind.
"I once ate six tacos just so my brother couldn't have one." Seems pretty legit. Kaleb
33 ?
Ohh true..!!
Faran, I secretly use my brothers perfumes nd deodorants while hiding my own frm them :-P
Whats 9 + 10? 33
Lisa Lee Harris
Daniela Merlos
Kassie Bigham Kallie Baxley
Brandon Burns
Joseph Peña
Kayla Lambert and Joe Lambert
Kirsten Ross Beaumont Ross Lilly Mae Ross
Sydney Beadle
Aimee Robson
Amanda Peacock
Meghan Salinas after the intro... it's about owls. Are we gonna have to do this for you at your bachelorette HAHA
Emily N Anthony Bosco
D'Arcy Horam-Evans
Benito Vazquez III
Ashlee Keeney
You don't know the struggle 😂😂😂
Alysha Thomas... lol some of these are ridiculously easy to relate to
Eric Jimenez Erika Jimenez Celia Jimenez Carlos Delacruz
Jordan Kate Kristen Gajda
Cheo Ortiz Sacha Ortiz
Georgia Arnold Molly Knowles 'Started a fight with someone who didnt like owls'
Joey Amirah
Emily O'Connor Gillian O'Connor the first one 😂😂
Lesley Elizabeth I died especially on the last once because I did that to les!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Janice Castillo JJ Leija
Olivia Campbell Samantha Smith
I love the social anxiety one. Where the learned sign language. That's amazing. I feel as if Brittney and Tiffney would do that for me.
this is actually awesome i love this Ayelet Richter Dina Jawetz
I'm pretty sure Becky and I are guilty of a few of these.
Maryah Sadiq Jaimie Eager
Jade Cecilia Nash Kevin Melendez
Alex member when ur friend Michael spent the night and i made yall check the mail in ny bikini and he wanted to keep it on then i stripped u naked and left u outside.
Adriana Perez Janneth Perez
Aww. The last one is you no? D Kristin Godfrey
Racquel Jodi we're amazing children
Jessica Becerra Crystal Maurice Boggs MrsBrittany Boggs Whitney Justus
Greg Favor Matt Favor
Sapphire Martin you don't know the struggle

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