truck diaz bwuna
Published on 12/10/2017


Happy birthday...!
He was just reborn.... Welcome back douche bag...
so that the cum they had run over the bastard fucking head off those who earn between two trucks in a small alley entrance and they doing all the goons on motorbikes overtaking up her juices as she pleases, go to church and light a candle there's longest SOLUTIONS Stohl survive
Stupid idiot !!!
He trying to back up but it's too late, ,uncontrolled brake, ,,?i think better keep moving straight ahead without fear. ..?
Wtf are you doing between two trucks wiseguy?
lucky men
Ptn il a eu le bon dieu avec lui ☺☺☺☺☺
Lucky ass bitch :D !
სად მიძვრებოდი კიმარა? იღბლიანი!!!
Lui yé béni des Dieux car vous le voyez comme moi ! Hiiiiiiiii ! Seigneur qu'il a passé près de rendre visite à saint Pierre dans les cieux ! Oufffffff ! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Ouffff ! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw ! Quoi dire d'autres ? Lollllll !
Imao je više sreće nego pameti i iskustva u saobraćaju
So lucky. .wow
Stupid Yes you can learn ps and you nelly lost your life
be careful always
This is a master of fallier
Ale mial fuxa
u cheat death! dimitri...
Le pauvre !!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😱
Bet he has brown pants after that
Grimt at havne der.
maladec bedi amas qonia
bwunas dias, gloria diaz
Quand t pas du😊
It was very smart dummy"
Wiecej scczescia niz co.
Ten kluk měl hodně velký štěstí
Good god
How lucky is this guy?
Semmi baja a gecinek!
Robertas Osinskis Augustinas Barzdzius Eimantas Kuktoras Deividas Tokaris
Mirza Hodzic
Martin Mislović
Abdelghani Benghanem Lyes Kaci
Kent Lykkegård Andersen Rasmus Boye Pedersen Steen Christensen
Esben Lind Poulsen. Kasper Sørensen. Brian Nielsen.
Viktor Sandholdt Hansen
Francesco Falcone

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