Published on 12/11/2017


Why be judgemental for? You don't know anything about her maybe this is all she can afford to feed her child. Maybe that's the only stuff she has to use! Be more considerate. Damn judgemental people.
Fuck sake so many judgemental people some kids don't even have food cause parents
Can't afford it
In some countries . The child isn't skinny and he/she is excepting the food . Sadly not all people are as fortunate as most of us . And people live differently . So leave them
Be ! Pfft !
What in the sweet fuck?
please use a smaller spoon please please
What ever it is he likes it that should be enough :))))))))
Still probably 100 times healthier than the McDonald's happy meals we feed our kids
Does the child look distressed.. Is he choking ..does he look uncomfortable .. Is he resisting ..why are you all so damn judgemental, just because it's not how you feed your kids does not make it wrong ...
I couldn't watch past the second scoop .. This is sickening!
Please sit the child up, what a dangerous way to feed a child, she could aspirate, I'm not concerned what she is being fed, but don't lie a child down and feed it. Risk of pneumonia
WTF was that!!!😬
Sérieux c est quoi cette connasse elle croit qu'elle nourri Des oies lol
:O The Spoon is just too big. Thought "Tablespoon" was too big for kids!!OMG, Give the baby time to swallow!!!
OMG, he is going to choke feeding him like that, thats is cruel!!!
The Baby will aspirated, stop feeding the Baby that way, please
😳 i dont get it da fuck
Bet there's Moore vitamins a b c in that stuff than the is in that shit you all eat from mc dees
Kid looks well fed ! Love technique !
Wtf is that shit?
WHAT A NUT CAKE !!!!!😈👿😈👿
By looking at the video I was choking damn
Elle a cru qu'elle gavé une n'oie ou quoi !!!! Pauvre petit bonhomme
what's that ?
Do not get me wrong i do not like the way she is feeding him every one has diffrent way of doing thing the baby seams to no when to swollow and at list it being feed each to ther own and at list its is loved and well looked after to many people are to qick to juge other you can he that he is well feed
W T F !
He seems to look happy.
at least it aint happy meals shit
Omg what the heck is it
O M G!!!!
Nasty looking shit why she not coughing it up eww
That's how you eat
There are way too many judgemental ppl in this world:(
Would I feed any of my children that way, no. That doesn't mean it doesn't work for this mom. Saying she's crazy and sick for feeding her child differently than we would just plain stupid. Grow up
Like that also can..!!!oh my god!!!
mogitkant j j jishi jilagi
Damn u wtf u feeding ur child like that
Hahaha ja mislila hoce da peče palačinke 😀
Not sure if I like that
Seems to be used to it..and he is still alive so its working for them ?
Det ka jeg ikke lide
Ayoye méchante bouchée !
Stakkars baby som er presset og svelge så mye 😱😨
C'est quoi cette colle???????
What is this? She's feeding a duck ?
oh my god ,, wat is this ,,
nakydá muto jak do práčky toje nápat
Παναγία μου τι είναι αυτό.θα πνίγει το μωρό.πω πω θεέ μου.η μάνα είναι ψυχοπαθής.
She want summat ramming down her neck the nutcase n not food
what a hekkkk?
mida pekki,kas see on armastav ema
Qué es eso? Hasta técnica tienen los dos jejejeje
Så er der Tanket :-) :-)

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