Published on 10/19/2017


I love this man.....You are so special. God bless you
It's sad to keep a dog
In that condition
Total respect sir
Fuck that that made me cry
He/she needs a wheel
Jak bym widziała mojego Łatka też tak ciągnie te łapki :-)
jajajajajaja me da gustoq haya tanatagente buenisima con estas hermosas crituras de dios si te saco las lagrimas te dire yo llore de a galan deveras es porq tenemos buenossentimientomhacia ellos dios te bendiga buen hombre por ser como eres
dont keep that dog? it's too painful
God bless you! 😚
słodziak tak tęsknił uwielbiam psiaki :):):)
thats so sweet bless there hearts
salut sir
gran persona.....saludos
This is soooo frigging can tell these doggies have great it
I love this man! Wish I will meet u with all your dogs..touch my heart!!
So sad big respekt.
Szegény kutyus.
May God give you more Blessings!!
So sweet
Je m incliné respect pour ces personnes qui aiment leur animaux jusqu'au bout
Ez igen ! bravó.
This is amazing
Dragul de iel
Aww now that's a pet lover !!! Awesome
Unconditional love in this family
so sad my dog was like this but make a good recovery ! still is wobbly on his back legs !! i know what it is like !hope he comes around !! hugs for the puppy !!!
Totally respect for this man
Aww. Bless..
❤️bless you
God bless ya... 😞❤️
Pure Love
This brought to tears. How lovely.
Aaww <3
Great daddy !
Aw bless
I respect that man but think it's pretty bad this is posted by 'video lol' 'join us to laugh everyday' - there is NOTHING funny about this it is completely heart wrenching.
You must be proud ..... :) also happy
poor doggy, bless
so sad that this dog has to suffer because these humans think this is the right thing to do, the poor dog knows no different but to have to cope with its body in such an unnatural position must be extremely hard work for this dog and the pressure its putting on its joints will only get worse the longer this goes on, just cruel!!
Vous êtes un homme super je vous tire mon chapeau ils sont trop mignons et de s'occuper d'un chien handicape bravo je leurs fait un gros câlin
What happened to the little Girl? 😊😊
this is so precious
Ohh....fell tears 😰😪😥
Nice sir you show how much u care the animals even not not u for that i salute u
Bravo de ne pas avoir piqué ce toutou. Ai eu un caniche paralysé aussi,est resté avec nous 2 ans encore💕
Respect to this man :)

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