3-Ingredient Pancakes You Need To Try

3-Ingredient Pancakes You Need To Try
3-Ingredient Pancakes You Need To Try
Published on 11/23/2017
3-Ingredient Pancakes You Need To Try


Or you could just make real banana pancakes and use coconut syrup 😋
The whole idea is to not use flour, these are healthy pancakes, I only use 1 banana and 1 egg a little cinnamon and a sm amount of pure maple syrup, very delicious and good for you.
I guess everyone loves junk food. Lol. Because I love these pancakes! So easy to make & they're so good for you. When I'm feeling fancy I add vanilla & baking powder so they fluff up & blueberries. They don't taste eggy to me. I don't use syrup either
I feel like this would make Jack Johnson happy.
Cinnamon. The "brown stuff" is cinnamon. They're actually really good. Try it.
My wife can't eat wheat, so I am going to give this a try.
Why do all the buzzfeed recipes suck so much
i was super into these......
I'm just bothered by the fact she's left handed.
Yes. And i speak from experience....they DO taste like banana flavored eggs.
Those are really tiny. I need pancakes as big as my head and like 5 of them.
What was the third ingredient you used in the banana pancakes????
It makes 9 small pancakes ..
That would be 6 egg for 3 pancakes. Yikes
1 banana. 2 eggs made 6 med pancakes.
Made these this morning...definitely not pancakes. More of a crepe or a banana omelet. Now I just want pancakes.
Let's see, 4 pancakes = 4 bananas and 8 eggs!!
That pancakes are "TORREJAS" in México.
Who eats pancakes with lemonade! ?. .
Wow, it looks delicious, but if you make just 4 pancakes, you'll be eating 8 eggs with their yolk in one serving!!!!!! OMG. Better use them as crepes.
I love bananas, I love eggs, I love cinnamon; whether you call it a pancake or a banana omelette, who cares? Looks yummy to me!
These aren't really pancakes... Because the 3 ingredients for pancakes are flour, eggs, and milk... These are like banana-flavored-egg-cakes
I use 1 1/2 bananas, 1 medium egg and a handful of gluten free oats to take away the egg texture
That's a lot of eggs for 3 small pancakes.
Thats not a pancake.. Its a banana omelette, the cinnamon just makes it look brown.. And by the way, pancakes are already 3 ingredients, milk, flour, eggs.... The world is full of idiots..
Going to try - like pancakes ...
2 eggs and banana makes 3 pancakes, and they are a lot better than they sound, also good with a bit of almond butter instead or in addition to cinnamon!!
Mmmm banana pancakes
Looks like scrambled eggs and banana. No thanks. I will eat my two ingredient Krustez pancakes. Water and mix walla
Hey, at last pancakes I can eat!
I also add 1/4 of raw oats is really good!
Does nobody realise that pancakes are already only 3 ingredients? Eggs, milk, flour.
I love Banana pancakes.
Why would I want fake pancakes when I can just have real pancakes
I make these for my kid all the time. She loves em!
This ain't pancakes this is Banana Eggs
I just made mine today!!! Added blueberries to the pancakes and topped them with fresh strawberries and peaches. Yum!
Thats an omelet...
Greek yogurt pancakes are better and only 4 ingredients for about 8 pancakes. And I use maple honey instead of agave. (Agave isn't really that great for you)
Tried this..
Dryest fucking "pancakes" ever. More like asscakes
The cinnamon will stop them from tasting eggy and two eggs will make about 3 pancakes. I make them all the time, a nice healthy option, can add protein powder if you're into that sort of thing.
Mmmm Banana Pancakes? Never thought about this!! : D
2 eggs for 1 little pancake? So if I want 5 is 10 eggs.. Yuk lol
I tried this recipe. They tasted like a crepe. I had a little trouble getting then flipped. I got 4 pancakes from the basic recipe.
I made this and i tried making a pancake, it came out flimsy, thin and disgusting! ! Banana eggs. . I added about 2 1/2 tablespoons of flour to the mixture to give it the same consistency of pancake batter. . They turned out like the video, fluffy and yummy! Also, I wouldn't use cinnamon next time. . Once I added the flour it basically tasted like banana bread pancakes just the cinnamon didn't match. . I would use nutmeg or five spice next time to give it more of a kick. . Syrup didn't match with it either. . I'm gonna have to trial and error to find a suitable topping.
So did he just eat 8 eggs 4 bananas in his serving?? 😕
Lemonade and banana pancakes?... I never tried the pancakes but I'm sure it's great for someone..... I'd prefer to just hard boil those eggs and eat a banana.
This is how I do my pancakes
That isn't a pancake. That is a banana omelette. Pancakes have cake in it.
Of course the recipe in those pancake is all wrong. To make 6 pancakes all you need is 1= egg. flour, milk, part of a banana.

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