Published on 10/20/2017


Why do I see grown men making comments like " lil hotie" sick these are teenagers comment about the fight for Christ sake! This is what the world is coming to, shit like pedophilia and crimes against kids is going to be the norm, smh.
She still screwed her boyfriend though lol.
well... at least she looks good, can take a beating and dances ok...
I thought a black dude was gonna come up from behind
Girl in the pink shorts kept running back up and instantly got dropped every time lmao.
But when black ppl fight they are monkeys so wtf do we call white ppl that fight?..don't worry I'll wait...
Pink Shorts chick = Smokin Hot
I would like to see the comments about how white people are animals when they fight or how they are ghetto.... Anyone???? Oh that's right because white people are just so much better than everyone else. Ok
So if black people are monkeys when we act like this then what type of animal do we give white folk when they act like animals? Just a thought!!
the girl in the pink got uterus kicked out
I give the girl with pink hair props she didnt run like a bitch and kept going even though she was getting her ass kicked
I scrolled through all the comments have yet to see a racist you get a vid of white people fighting and not one racist comment.the only conclusion I can come to is that there are no racist black people subscribed to this page
"Lauren shut the fuck up" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ had me dying
still laughing at the chick dancing trying to look cute in between getting her ass whipped.
The girl had heart she kept getting back up..
I would beat all these kids asses for egging this on if it was one of my kids this dumb shit pisses me off it was probly over some geeky fuckin wanna be
The gay best friend needs to stop breaking that shit up... Wtf
Biilly'!! Fucken white people
Why is this on here. It breaks my heart to know that this group of kids think this is ok. Stop hating. We have so much hate in this world already. posting this is wrong.
girl in pink got beat so bad she started hearing music!!! see her steping side to side??? lol
How do you get beat up 4 times in the same
Did she really ask if that's blood, lol, yes that is wat comes out of the human body after blunt force connects wit wit the mouth or nose, fucking dumb ass
This sucks...can't post any memes
Damn girl got her ass whooped! But she did NOT give up!
That bitch likes getting her ass beat lol
The day someone touch my girls like that i kill their family just for the fun of it
Now that's a good fight. That's one on one for you . The girl in the pink didn't want anymore
Walked up like she was going to win lmao
Why do you people come on this fight page and complain get the hell out of here
Damnn shawty on pink can take a ass wooping hahaha
yooo America Dreaming Timotej Gril Ozzy Njie
Bitch got fucked up 😹😹😹 Vanessa Ramirez
She beat her up so bad she started 2steppin bahaaaa
Did I just watch WWE Smackdown????
Whoever in the video said "I'm so proud of you"... You're proud of what? That your friend looks like trash fighting cause they both did
Usually the one who walks out acting like a badass and everything ends up getting her/his ass kicked lol
More 1 sided then an amputee's dance routine!
Girl in pink shorts has heart, a little silly, but has heart...
She defo had balls like kept getting beat and kept going πŸ‘Œ
The girl with the pink in her hair is weaker then my 3 year old!!!
Bilal G. Hamdan Omar Fayad
Stupid kids
She got heart though.
Lol future Ronda rossy
Chris Gordon these bitches wiildin
Darcy beat that ass and knew exactly what to do, slammed her sprawled both arms and pounded her face!
Marcus Max best girl fight I've seen so far lol
Mike Hofferman Nick Carlin this is a good one
Chris Mckee Kevin Schappacher Cole Hufnus Tyler Guthrie

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