Published on 11/24/2017


I was gonna say something but this fucken picture on top almost made me throw up.....ughhh what is that a giant Snickers coming out of his ass??? Lol
No need to brake that kids arm . He was not resisting at that point . That was done intentionally for sure . Lucky he got it on film
Too bad EBT cards don't pay Dr. bills.
I like it how some people are saying "he shouldn't resist then". Well yea he shouldn't be, but did he REALLY REALLY had to break his arm? A kid? Hah
You f😝ck with the police you get hurt!!! All you bleeding hearts crying out it's too much, you dont have an idea of how much shit the cips have to deal with every day... so keep crying bleeding hearts and go kick rocks...
....did they snap his arm?
Matt Salem
Pop goes the weezle
Homeboy broke his hand damn man seriously?
Broke his fucking arm? Wth?
Not so tough now resist you break
Got what he deserves.
Broke that dude arm I heard a big as pop or just pop his shoulder
Omg swear I felt that
Clearly violence is only acceptable if u are a white cop
he broke his arm thats what the snap was
uhh how bout stop bein a pussy n quit if u cant do ur job right...FUCK THE POLICE AND THE LAW
Rob McIntosh wife gets fucked by black men that's why he's so mad.
No one deserve to get there arm broke n u Salvador u eating all on cops dick fagget
So if i see a cop hit someone should i snap his fucking arm thats over the top
That's what you get boy acting like a fool
Yea it's all funny till this is happening to your children.
Oh no!! That's just wrong !! The police should not arrest this fellow citizen! I can see that he was behaving the right and polite!!
Im sure that arm snapped
Break the other arm to for being a loud nigga. .
Hell yeah break his f****** arm
Mohammed El Hany Bilal Kebdani
No one gets a broken arm for no reason. You guys realize that right! All these videos theres one guy that fucks up
Haha stop resisting.
Jose that is no way to be. He should have not resisted....
I bet he'll never do that again!
Frederik Larsen av min arm!
Samir Sarghini Adil Laassiri regarder comme il lui pete le bras Abdou Cousin Skeeter Meziane
Everyone on here that thinks the cop is in the wrong..... GO FUCK YOURSELF.... and remember when you resist your gonna get FUCKED UP! Lololololololol!
Uh oh white cop hurt a black kid...time to protest and start riots.
But did you die??!!
he deliberately snapped his arm, sorry that was not necessary, the bloke was unable to move anyway, somebody was sitting on top of him!!!
Better than be shot in the head!!
Wow I guess no one really watched this he resistance the whole time maybe cops should be more cruel maybe people won't be retarded
If y'all notice, the bitch heard his arm .break and backed off quick and just looked at the other bitch cop and still didn't help dude,,,,,,,, one thing you feds should know, we don't give a fuck about losing y'all in a gun fight,, it's what we loose when we do touch y'all,,pride and freedom
,, so all my people say with me,, (fuck the police )in my boosie voice.
All you black fucks act so tough until someone gets their arm broke

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