Published on 10/18/2017


Anyone saying this is a weak fight can't be a fan of boxing. Boy with the maroon shorts showed work. Beat his ass. Dude didn't want no more after getting dropped two times. Get that bullshit wrestling outta here and throw them bitches.
This is a solid box one on one and not as sloppy as any of these other fights. I agree w gleesh guy in maroon has a boxing back ground. Any body that spent a day in the gym would know. Instead of wanting to watch a sloppy brawl of lucky punches.
Actually a good long fight and all yall talking shit calling them pussies... Dude who won in the end was getting thrown around in the beginning and came back and hands tf out of red shorts and red shorts was trying to say he hits like a bitch bc he knows he was getting them hands put to him! Smh half of yall keyboard warriors don't even know how tiring a real fight is
The guy in the red shorts with all that talkin, punching the guy when he was down. The skinny dude held it together and punked that red short guy... love it.
Boring as hell..
Great match..guess these guys saying weak fight are the ones who like it when ppl jump in and kick ppl in the face when there down..F'N lAMES
Dude in red stopped being loud after those hands showed him that ground game ain't for the streets.
Rate how the bitch who's trying to slam him out gets outboxed and dropped twice!
Gassed early, and paid for it. Guy in black trunks had great breathing and form, withstood the beginning, and controlled the end, true fighter
One of three best fights this'd page ever posted. Respect to the kid in black shorts for letting the other guy up every time he laid him out
Dude in the dark shorts got skills & heart for keep on fighting.
Guy in black shorts all the way. Good form of boxing. The other guy is a punk, need stamina.
Fight was weak in the sense there was no knock out or blood dude in the red a suka he was all willing to hit while other guy was down till he got dropped dudes a punk he's lucky the other guy fought with class and let him up the right old school way if dude in red wud of really tried to hurt the other fighter nice job other guy
Haha the guy in the red shorts was calling him a pussy even tho he was loosing! 😂😂😂 Lmao plz take a seat 😂✋
ya he was punching like a "bitch" until he dropped U on your ass fuckin goof lmao
Kid defiantly has been taught how to box.. Listen to every punch he throws... He is breathe and also staying square feet under control.. And waiting to score
loud mouth got what was comeing to him.
Just a quick point....People want to criticize everyone who stands around recording these fights on their phone but then don't they sell tickets to a boxing match at sports arenas? What is the friggin difference? This is a bullshit f***** up society
Probably one of the best fights I've seen in a while 😎
Stupid fucks r thay calling each other niggas
Fuck what other people say if he gos down let him up only real man fight toe to toe that's taking advantage when you wanna hit some one on the ground bitch ass shit .
The guy red shorts gasse d himself. He though he had the fight in thr bag. The other dude stayed patient and won. Good fight.
What a suprise no nigs jumping in
And no one jumped in that's the biggest surprise
Thats a great toe to toe fight aside from the huggie bear in the beginning we got to see each fighters strength and weakness, more then all we got to see the guy in the beginning get his ass tossed around but had the heart to fight and took it home with his fists.... strongest muscle in the body is the heart
Solid fight. This is the way it should be. Out the guns away an put your fist up. Rt
good Clean Chunk / all dez otha fightz iz Cornyyyyy
Dude n the black showed them hands
Armous Enuffsaid Jamison James Larsen Raynard Smith
Never heard Mexicans say nigga that damn much
Good fight ...not like some of these loud mouth chimps be fighting
I miss you Mike. My cousin got out there tho. #MaroonShorts #MikeBaladez
Now that's a solid ass fight that guy knew what he was doing
Dude in the red try to cheat and grab like a bitch lol end up getting fucked up either way , meaning when some one trying to wrestle and SLam means they can't fight really and trying to end it quick as possible cause of the fear lmao
Reihana David Wipere Marsh Konrad Winston Edwards
Good fight
Sorry Ass Fight! Bitches Fight better than that!
Andre' Torbert, Myke Shellow
That's the way they should fight
Like watching kings of the ring!!!...lmmfao. ...they fucked each other up!!!
Nice fight
Francisco Javier Ayala Diegoycarol Zenteno Ikki Salinas Manny Valdez Jake Bergen Marco Antonio good fight !!!!
Black shorts has fucking heart, and stanima. Red got tired and gassed and had no answer for the left hook and it set up that right!
Good one on one fight.

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