26 Weird Things We All Did As Kids

26 Weird Things We All Did As Kids
26 Weird Things We All Did As Kids
Published on 10/20/2017
26 Weird Things We All Did As Kids


You have no idea how much I want to get another pair of Heelys
I never poked myself with safety pins... That's odd
I STILL squeeze glue all over my hands so I can peel it off.
Roly polys are awesome. And it isn't punch buggy, it's slug bug
Don't you just want to go back to these times ?
I never stabbed myself with safety pins. People are weird
I must be a kid still since I do most of these now lol
Anybody else notice that Smarter Child said "want to talk about your butt again?"
i still do most of these and i am 23
tamagotchis were actually taken away in our school. we would get them back at the end of the year and they would all be dead
Putting "all the soda in one soda" is called a suicide. Duh.
If you had heelys, there's no way in hell you used half of this stuff as kids. Heelys weren't patented until 2000. Rollerblades or soaps (the skate shoes with a built in grind plate) would have been slightly more accurate.
One of those doesn't belong. HEELY'S were not part of 90's kids. That's all 2000+ kids
90s fucking rocked !
.... I was a weird.. Kid..
what about Pogs?
What do you mean "as a child"?
Freakin Oregon trail XD
The title should be "awesome things you did as a kid"
This pretty much sums up my whole childhood...
The heelys were wrong tho. That wasn't 90s kids.
Kids now days will never know the joy of life outside. Now days its apps & "hover boards" (stop calling them that watch back to the future now that was a hoverboard)
Wow this is like out child hood Montana Pilon Jessica Bayford Elissa Punkkinen Meagan Kvaltin Samantha Linton Alysha Laframboise Hollie Gillis
Ashley Perry and Ally Stewart,
Nicole Stastny and Kristie M. Isaak
haha elementary school
Marit van Otten Annika Treffers Beau Cammelot Remy Hengelmolen Megan van der Waart Kayleigh Schultz
Sarah Elas Madalina Matti Mariana Zora Nadine Lala Juliyana Benyamin Lana Gabrail Helen Armota Silesty Patrus can this get any more true omg...
I never did the heely's thing (after my childhood) and I never stuck safety pins all over my hands.
did all these and im a 00's baby
Im 16 and i still do all this XD
Omg I did so many of these! Did u? Elias DeOssio Ivana Lissett Savannah Rae Emily Nuncio Gabriel Andrade LuisMary Tamayo
Jeryl Joel Nithin Neena Jen Milu Tilu Princess Jessica
Kainaat Lakhani Kiran Merchant Kainat Pyarali Suszali Innara Ali Nikhar Merchant
Sarah AmanRabiya AltafSaim JavaidHamza AmanFatima ZaheerTasweeb ZaheerRafiya Altaf tamagotchi. this was us tbh/
Carlo Velasco Kirsty Camille Sing Yee Aaron Attard Abigail Tioaquen Gene Lonergan Hector Jr. Velasco
Jennie Salib Angie Gergis Jessica Salib Susan Elmalek Mina Elmalek
Theresa TranCelina LamMonica RimJordan VandineJovan Glavan
Aman Saini I could not stop smiling at these lolll & girl we still do forts 😂
Breanna Fobbs
Maha JA
Omar Shandaq
Abd Shandaq
Hahahahahahahahhahhhaahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahaahahhahahahhahahhhahhahhahahaha waaaal
Dana Windsor, Dylan Taylor idk about you two but I still do some of this shit lol xD
Tamagachi was the shit
Simone Roper
Juli Peterson Lora Gharib
David Ramirez
Yasi Nabizadeh
Linda KimMullyna Oul
Is it bad that 99.5% of these things I never did
Noelle Baker Yesss.. our childhood!! lol

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