Published on 12/11/2017


Belts - used to hold up pants ....
I wish I could call In an airstrike on this location.
Who ever pulls the pants up the highest must be the winner
just when i was thinking it was a normal fight, there goes a nig jumps in
And this is the kind of shit I can't stand about watching fight videos With niggas who gotta jump in cuz somebody always gotta make a racial comment but there's one thing I do know all the racial comments bet money they wouldn't say it to anybody else's face that's some straight bitch shit
I don't know if they can fight but they sure can dance.
Was the guy in the white pans tryin to do the splits 😂
Dumb ass niggers get fuck'in jobs
These mofo are playing teken
That wasn't a fight, they pulled their pants up more than any punches were thrown 😳
Of course this happens in the middle of the day. Where else would they be, at work?!
This is the prize they're fighting for..
Finally an hd camera phone!!
Blacks against blacks Mexicans against Mexicans...blacks against Mexicans. ..while the white man sits back and enjoys it all. This is the way they want it to be. Smh.
Zachary Schmitt, and what does white people do when they get ready to fight? Use a mf rifle or call the laws with their scary ass. LMAO! and I bet you're one of them?
The one time motha fuckas wanna pull up their pants... smh and there's always some busted ass impala in the backround
Those cunts couldn't bruise a fucking grape!
Black man always jumping!! They don't know how to fight one on one i guess... Pussies !! In Puerto Rico you get shot if you jump like or probably get your ass kick badly !! Bitch move... Let them fight
I dont get it... WHY EVEN WEAR A BELT?!?!?! Is it just there for looks? Male-accessorizing? Hand-me-down belt from your obese uncle? Did they just get gastric bypass the night before? No wonder MMA fighters dont wear saggy jeans in the ring smh
Ghetto people look retarded when they fight.... Every hood fight I've ever seen not one of them can fight.
This is what we have in the comment section. Apparently everybody on here is a warrior. I bet 75 percent of the dudes on here running their mouths would get fucked up by people in the video. The people calling them pussies and saying they can't fight are probably the ones who've never even fought before. Fall back with the bullshit and respect the cats who wanted to fight straight up. Fuck the other actual pussies that jumped in.
Why is this nigga quicker than Floyd Mayweather
Ye blackee to hoty hi begairt waqt lerny k hi mode mein rehty hai
Ayeee where yall stay I wana come
The only time they pick their pants up
20 seconds fighting n guess what????? Somebody has to jump
Fact; Racists use approximately 0.000055% of their brain cells.
i used to sag my pants once upon a time, but why do white people let it bug them so much. live your lives 😩😭😂😂😂
These idiots can't fight for shit.
Them nigs always gotta go 2 on one. Fucking cowarda
a bunch of pussies
Somebody please explain to me why they have belts on and they're still pulling their pants up every 2 fucking seconds
you ma fuckers are gonna choke u pull them pants any higher
Yeah but let them niggaz fight bro
Que de la merde
Bailando bailando .....
You lot are so strange, do you not know you to fight
Black folks look weird with their pants up!
Just saying!
They fight like faggs
Looks like you norwich crips got ur ass beat by folk. Seriousy vids old as hell jst doesent have a title
No fighting skills wat so ever. No surprise

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