Published on 12/11/2017


Go white boy!!! Go white boy!!.. I love white people...
1 on 1 very rare for the circumstances.
Just Cause he white dosent mean he ain't gonna know how to throw hands. People are such stereotypes
So the black guy getting his ass whooped seriously asked if another person was just gonna stand there? How black of him.
All that jumping around red shirt was doing tired his ass out lol
First time another person doesn't jump in...
Nice to see no one jumping in for a change I would of bet 50$ there would of been a. Jump in!
Racist guy talking
Yeah and fuck the camera guy....that's a hate crime!! I feel offended him saying that about a caucasion person!!
Finally African ppl didn't jump the white boy!!!
Props to.all the people there that let that shit go ! 1v1 babay
This video is old but it still cracks me up
Black/white doesn't mean shit in a fight. Fact. Anyone who thinks it does is frankly an idiot. It's like saying all Asian people are good at fighting because Bruce Lee was. Stupid. Black people have advantages in specific sports as do white people. The ammount of racism on here is disgusting.
@ Lyndsie what does racism have to do with them thinking the Caucasian guy couldn't fight? Nothing! If they were racist they would've called him degrading names. It's the myth itself of people saying whites don't and can't fight it is not racist but a fallacious myth. All blacks can't fight, some whites fight and not all blacks jump. It's people that gang up on people in every race. STOP LOOSELY THROWING OUT THE TERM RACISM JUST BECAUSE IT'S DIFFERENT ETHNICITIES. LOOK IT UP IN THE DICTIONARY!
What's was so surprising cause he is white? Lmoa. We Don't sleep on nobody where I'm from especially cause of your color
He said you just stand there well you start it finish it
Dumb ass. White boys can fight. None of that dancin and weavin bullshit.
"You going to just stand there?" 😂😂😂😂😭
That camera man is friend of the year lmao
I've never seen a white boy win.
You think white ppl can't fight 👊
Surprised white dude didn't get jumped.. Usually that's the only way a white person gets beat..
Put his hat back on after that hook too haha
That white boy knows how to handle his Business..color had nothing to do with it ..its the skill that counts.
We may not know "What's up?!", but we sure know what WENT DOWN......yo ass!! Bahahahahaha!!
Haha! Mfers think white boys can't fight. Ctfu! Been doing the same shit my whole life
White boy knocked the sonic rings out this nigga
That's what his black ass gets!!!
You figure he'd throw some killer kicks in those pj's
What the hell! was the camera man fighting. Video all shakey and shit
Looky there! We finally win one. Lol.
Damn!!! Finally a white boy wins. That other dude needs to die of embarrassment.
The guy getting battered at the end said yo bitches a your just going to stand there ,he wanted help hes not used to a 1 on 1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
So just cause he's white that means he's gonna get slept? Smh one jumped in.
White men can't jump but niggers can't fight....
That's what happens when you underestimate people

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