Published on 10/20/2017


Damn shame...just watched a video with whites fighting with no racist comments, watched a mexican video, no racist comments but they were making racist comments on blacks and there was none in the video. But a black video pops up and damn near every comment is racist towards black...and y'all call us racist...go fuck get racist on my comment
"Aaahhhhh we got titties!" ... lmmfao!!!
I got mainly respect for the strong black women who act like real humans. Not all black ppl act like this much love to those who work hard nd don't be doing this type of shit.
But on the other hand I cannot stand this type of so low class I'm from the ghetto but I was raise with morals If a bitch puts hands on me I'll handle my shit but act like this never. They're the reason why many black folks are being talked down on.
so many against one and Still could take her down. Props.
The red headed girl went in lol!
Did this bitch just bite her back... I hope a gang of ppl jump that hoe no sympathy with sticks pots pans I hope they kick her all in her fucking face dumb fat bitch ugh it's not even my fight but seeing that bitch makes me sick as fuck
That girl with red hair got some good hands
Still sunny and no one at work
Aaaaaaaaand the weave is out! All those dudes none could offer a shirt!
Oan how ALL OF YALL off work at the same time? Obviously I know the answer is #jobless πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
First to like and have no idea what to say 😳
Fuk the fight .... Joe Naka whatever the fuk ur name is take tht racist shit on hoe ass bitch. Damn can u muthafukas go a day without being a racist bitch. U a fuk boy for real. U the type tht do hoe shit behind the monitor or on ur punk ass phone but SILENT N PERSON. BRING YO ASS TO TX WITH THT FUK BOY SHIT AND U WLL GET THT RACIST ASS STOMP....
Ugh, it's videos like this that make people think we are savages. Stop fighting in the streets and start to take your education serious. There's better things to do with your time.
"Oh, we got titties!"
Evry video it's blacks acting like animals!!shame..making us good blacks look bad
ALL BLACK PEOPLE aren't LIKE SO stop acting like IT.......
The one with Red hair went hard one on one would not be good
All of the racist comments just makes it plain and clear that the Mexicans and whites are actually niggers and if you don't believe me here is the definition of a nigger and ignorant stupidity comes from one of them every time a fight is shown on this page that has blacks in them, some don't have blacks in them but still here comes the racist retards with ignorant comments and also proving to the world that they are the niggers in this country.
The women with the stick pisses me off... She would've been hearing from me with her weak ass... Stupid hoe probably one of they mamas...I wanna punch her in the face how you beat someone with that big Ass stick
Fuck who ever racist against anyone n my kids are half black so fuk who hate black
Savages people
Damn. Nice ass girl. I woulda been tryen to hit that
Why dont y'all fight one on one? No honor
a bunch of idiots
Fighting like a bunch of animals
I'm not wit the jumping but she did it first so she got what she deserve so get that shyt
Theirs ghetto white,ghetto mexicans,ghetto Chinese people,you raise dont make u any different from black all depends an your behavior and the ppl you choose to hang around whit,im mexican an i love black people,i dont know why everyone is complaining about them every time you see a fight about them....shame on you
That one with the Red hair was getting it in!
She whopped each of their asses,,,,,,,,,HANDS DOWN
That's not a fair fight though 3 against 1, but she held her own, got beat with a stick and still was fighting, that jumping shit is stupid cause that's weak.
They jumped her and she still fought all they ass... Big ups to her.
I will never fight a black person if they have friends around
They Jumped Her and she still beat they ass got in her car and left !

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