Published on 11/20/2017


I think we all just became a witness in a murder. Lol
That could have turned into murder real quick he's lucky
he must have been their friend if they're kickin it n drinkin,he was drunk, and he said sorry, totally unnecessary to push him down the stairs!
Pillow? How Bout a EMT/Ambulance
Could have broken his neck
First. If you are having party's in your house shut gonna get broke. Second your going to jail for life if he had broke his neck. Question is it cheaper to pay for a door or a funeral.
I can just only imagine the comments if thy were black omg a fckn tragedy and just the end of the world Smh
What a bitch!
Hope the dumb ass is ready for the consequences pry paralyzed or killed the guy.
Cowardly bullshit
Pussy ass white boys
A pillow ?! Lmao he needs a doctor.
People are so stupid
knocked out not passes out !!
Damn shit went way too far
Stupid drunk fucks!
Thanks Obama
You trying to kill some god damn
White crakers
Dang they could of killed that boy!!! Dumb drunks.
That escalated quickly... Thought he was gonna just punch him... Woulda been better then chucking him down the stairs
Wated !
Fucking loser
Idiots all these vids kids are fighting like pussys
That's attempted manslaughter lol
Omfg read the comments
Broken door or murder charges...? "I loved that door, I'll take the charges!" Fucking dumb fuck!
I got nothing.
That was a long fall.
Violent thugs
What a punk ass pussy bitch
He fucking killed him.
Now go directly to jail jackass
What a dull fuck! He wouldn't be a smug cunt if that boy died and he gets life and becomes some cell mates bitch! Fuxking cock!! 😡😡
Not too bright if that kid would have died the pusher could have done some serious time behind bars
scary move... people stiffen up when knocked out so head butting him and him falling down the stairs... real risky way to break a neck or spine
Get him a pillow lol luckily he ain't dead or u would be in prison
attempted murder is what that is called
Let's knock him down a flight of stairs and give him a pillow!!
y es asi como se murió.
" i didnt think that would of happen" well what else is supposed to happen when you shove
someone towards stairs without them expecting it 😂😂
Can you say lawsuit? Lol
It would have been hilarious if the guy died. Boy oh boy would a broken door seem pretty small at that moment fuck stick.

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