Published on 10/20/2017


Sad thing is he never knocks him out and at least has 50 pounds on dude lil man got heart
Telling a bigger guy not to use his size to his advantage is like telling the smaller guy not to use his speed to his advantage
So now there are rules in a street fight. SMFH
Apparently it's "when in doubt, grab"
Decent fight, kid kept taking them punches and getting back up every time he got taken down.
I never comment on fights but all I here is the fat guy the pussy.. I bet it was his first fight. The other I could say started it don't have to be a genius but I think he was gay hmmm but yes street fighting anything goes I say all of you guys who put him down cuz he didn't know how to fight are messed up SHM....
Hey look nobody jumped in!
Fucking fools fight for your life, I'd pick his ass up and slam him every time. Break his back
Blue shirt kid has heart!! ❤️👊
This is just a tutorial on how to fight like a pussy
Throwing haymakers
Street fighting anything goes dumb ass
How many times you gonna throw that right hook and not even come close to landing it? Dude in the blue got a straight ass kicking
My name is Michael wyche and I snort powder and eat zan bars I'm a junkie
I was hoping the kid in blue would drop him. That fat kid should be embarrassed. Swinging wild, body slamming, and all that contact?!
The only reason big guy won he keeps slamming him and dame he got slammed
I love reading the comments from ALL of the professional street fighter on this post. Thumbs up
Lol lil pussy got his bitch ass whooped
NEW name for your page
#pussyfights&dumbass videos.
That lil fuck got his ass whoop by big boy point fuck blank,
But they quick to call black people animals when they post a fight on social what's the difference?
The guy in blue, got some guts
Both them can fight for shit
Some of you all are fucking dumb. The big boy clearly had this match won even with his wild haymakers. The boy in blue had heart but also no brain. He should of quit after the second body slam. I guarantee you he paid for it later for trying be tough guy n stay in it.
Lol fatty got tired.
Fay boy would probably finished him at the end but like always someone has to but in if u can't lock horns by ur self then keep ur fucking mouth shut
Well he beat that kids butt
See how nobody jump in its pretty easy.
I have respect for the little guy. Took a beaten and got knock down several times but continued to get up in stand his ground.
Why would you stop filming?!?!
Not even a match up but lil nigga gots heart
After the first minute dude in the white should of walked off because he could of easily kept him on the ground and fucked him up if he really wanted to.
Neither could fight. Big kid knew he could slam him little kid was gettin presured by his friends.
Coward being so big and still have to hit and kick the dude while he's on the ground imo
Pussy fat cunt cant fight he kept dodging to his left a shin kick to his head would of stopped thst
The guy in the blue shirt won that day. #Respect
Little guy tuff as hell
Big boy can't fight 😂😂 come on most Women hit better then him...
Good 1on1... Little man's heart was bigger than he was. Hope it ended the way it shows....
Hmmm ok
Question here is who's d bully ??
Let's go over the ground hitting in the face. Fuck rules in the street. You fight to win. Period!

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