Published on 11/19/2017


Did you notice how white people didn't jump in, if the audience was blacks instead of whites they would of jumped in, fact.
Lmao yall ugly ass always got sum racist to say Quit the net banging and go.get active, hell go to church or something
So yall really don't notice the only videos they post are whites and blacks or blacks and Mexicans just to get everybody worked up stop falling for it damn
I was waiting for a bunch of white kids to jump the black kid... But then I remembered that it doesnt go both ways.
Try me
I think everyone on here needs to chill the F out and smoke weed.
Racist comments are pointless. What I wanna know is, is this man wearing a Charlie Brown shirt?? Smh
First white and black fight i c that no brothers jump in... and he got smashed...
This isnt about race ...but in reality the majority of black ppl wud jumpin not being racest just not my fault that black people make a bad name for other black people when it come to fighting.....85% of the time .they wud jump in ....sorry but thats how it is
Dumbass mexicans still riding the white mans nuts...they don't like your ass either....
Black boys can't fight 1 on 1 everyone knows this lmao!!! They need at least 2 but use 10 lol
damn, people still trying to make it about race.yall always complaining about blacks but yall smart asses the ones that brought them here. white people always complainin about shit. at least they aint runnin around shootin up schools.
Funny thing about this is the blacks call racism all day but when the shoe is on the other foot they make slurs all day. What the fuck is the matter with the USA? I love canada and wouldn't move to America for any amount of money. What a horrible place to live. You call it "land of the free" I call it "land of the 200 year civil war".
Nice one one one.
Why do people act like jumping people is a color thing? In my life I have seen every race jump people! It ain't about race now it's about class so if you ain't 7 figures rich you the fucking same as everyone else! #hundredaire
Weak ass fight
First video I see where the white guy wins
It's fair one vs. One lol
Dude who cares black or white
All you guys need to get over it.
We are humans. We all bleed the same color.
It should be two humans fighting, not a black vrs a white.
Stop feeding Into that racist bullshit.
We are equal.
Let him up pussy (but then it is a street fight lol so no rules at all smh)
Quick ass whopping
Now that shows some white people are crazy u most 4 got its not the color the man is its the fight in them be 4real just once in your sorry ass life.& I love when a wet back talk shit when the white people have no love 4 u.
Nigga always suppose to win 😡
Man he would have won if his 12 friends would have been there
The girl's high as fuck!
Lmao nigga got handled , cause white people can't fight !! RIGHT?? WRONG
You see, a fair fight with fair skinned people !!
Man that pussy white boy can't fight. boy either. ..
Ya he got woopd
Get rekt nigga
Fair is fair
Jay Bee you'd see this more if it would be 1 on 1

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