Published on 10/23/2017


What happened buffet ran out of chicken
Lmao and they wonder why they're trying to take our freedom from us.... fucking monkeys.
Those are some disrespectful assholes no manners at all destroying other people's property they deserve to be in fucking jail forever
Always black people omg
Only ghetto rats were harmed in this video. So who cares.
But if the police go in shooting some of them it would have been a problem! But it's random acts like this which is why we are profiled to the highest percentile! Smh
Typical black behavior
fucking monkeys in the zoo!!! tssssss stupid ass low life ghetto fuckers!
Hella funny of course there's a Popeyes Chicken joint in the background
Now i know why cops shoot black people
Yes this was foolish but y all u fucking trailer park trash muthafuckers gotta call us monkeys and niggers and shit. We are not all the same. But y'all comments make me wanna go out and just beat the shit ouuta one of you fb tough bitches
Very sad these people just can't stop acting like animals.
You CRACKER BITCHES always got something to say soon as some shit be on the Internet but yall can fuck your sons and daughters feeding them fucking tuna out a can in your trailer park yall DIRTY CRACKER PHEODPHILE TRAILER PARK TRASH !! and you black ppl going right along with them burn in hell you CRACKER LOVERS
And you wonder why people judge. Come on man get it together
FKN black people! Smh.
Worst recording ever!!!
Blair witch project was better than this
People are so stupid
why people like that do that they're so dumb and stupid they try to blame the Mexican people that trouble
That's why we can't have nice things! 😠
Niggers will be niggers but let black ppl live there life's
Reminisces??? Dumbass.
always black people rioting, why? you feel like youre owed something? you must lash out to a point of civil unrest..then you sit back and play victim and race cards when your ass gets handed too you. im not racist just starting to detect a pattern.
Fuckin savages.
Be honest guys, that looked like a lot of fun right?
That royal rumble lol
is that a zoo? damm Monkeys
Black people get tired of getting treated and talked about in negative ways but act worst then animals in public places .
It's sad that all this happened because there wasnt any watermelon at the all you can eat buffet... What a sad sight to see
Hmmm.. I wonder which race started that brawl... Shocked
What a bunch of phuckin monkeys.! i think the buffet ran out of watermelon and chicken.!!!!
& the best retard camera guy! goes too...
Dae bout dat life lmao damn
When the dude was coughing, I thought that's the perfect time to light a blunt! No ones gunna care or even notice probably lol
just a bunch of-("D.A.Ns.") !!! HAHAHA !!!

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