Published on 10/23/2017


White folks jumping people too. What the racists gotta say about that?
Jumping someone when its not needed like this video... Not a black thing, not a white thing, ITS A BITCH THING
Saw only one black dude there and he didn't jump in... WTF are you doing brotha!? You know we jump in fights!! Damn you let us down. 😂
There goes $1300 worth of jeans..
OK where all the racist people that say only blacks jump people, I would like for u to explain this
Pussies beating pussies girls fight better than these noobs
Y would anyone jump in on that fight. Clearly no one was going to get hurt. They were swinging like teenage girls
Finally I'm ashamed to be white haha Jk really lmao
Cowboy boots and shorts?! Mas Puto!!!
I'm ashamed of white people. Redneck slapfest.
Jumping ass bitches
Gay men fight better than this .. smh
White people can't fight fo shit lol
Gang de pusss
Not one...could fight...
Bunch of PUSSIES!
I blame the blacks for this
Fucking honkeys!
Cowboy boots and sports shorts tho?
Look at this cowboy gangbang
They should beat the cameraman!!!
Pussys always got jump in 😏😏😏
Only blacks jump though.
And the black guy is all like "man, I wish I brought my popcorn."
You first thing that went through that black guys head was "world star" 2nd thing was "i bet im the only one that gets arrested"
Watch this fight then look for two girls fighting and you can see a resemblance of country boys and girls lol
Man that 5.99 bud weiser
Balls of steel😂
like girls fighting!!!
I use to like a good fight mano a mano,but now its all abt 2 or 3 on one and weapons,
An who say blacks always jump there the proof they do it to smh
Why do people always have to fucking jump into a 1 on 1 fight none of them can fight for shit anyway lol
1 on 1 putos
They fight like a girls
Hmm lovin these comments
Hey. Hey. Hey. ....Hey
They fight like bitsh

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