Published on 10/20/2017


Should let them go, this was actually gettin good for once haha
Who slammed who? Looks like the black one slammed the white one but the black one landed on his head? Did the other one reverse it and do the DDT? 😂
"There goes our deposit"
White boy ate that punch and was still hungry lol
lol he wasnt white he was lightskin
Gaaaayyyyy..where the fuck is the rest of the video?
I wish that white boy would of got destroyed tbh
If you get hit first, you waited to long to throw a punch.......
White people always starting shit
Why ya'll idiots worry'd so much bout what fucking skin color they got..? If there are any proper comments here its only the once commenting the fight itself or asking there the rest of the fucking video is.. Leave the other bullshit behind.. Its 2015 get over it..
The gold guy beat up the blue one.
Black dude got rocked that's why he went for the takedown
Y'all crackers kill me with ya reckless language
Where tf is the rest of the fight???
Black dude got banged
It was close but , Black dude won because of that slam
Plot twist he's Hispanic
black win!! light skinned get a black eye watch crefully
Dude took a hit like a boss!
white boy just got beat the fuck up. That slam damn near killed him. Power of the Melanin baby.
Black guy won
White guy fucked him up
Lol he isn't even white you could clearly see that if you look at his hair and face
First hit cracked and leaked his shit
The white dude at least came up and let him know it was time to go instead of sucker punching like I see way too much in other videos
Good fight I think he hurt himself on that takedown. Didn't hear no worldstar or see no one jump in. Awwwwww but the racists remarks will still come. By the way he wasn't white he's mixed by law that means still black. But you white guys claim mixed ppl when you like em.
How do people know the black dude won you couldn't even see when the other guys would swing if his hits connected which I'm pretty sure they did cause it would've given the black dude reason to slam . plus that slam might've got the other dudes back but he didn't seem bothered and the black guy seemed like he went face first . also the "white boy" was going to be on top at the end . JS
I like the take down
you will notice that as soon as the black kid starts losing some one trys to stop the fight
Thought they were kissing each others there for a sec lol
Yeah white boy got fucked up quick
What's with this necking bullshit before the fight? Looked like they were whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.
White boy was gonna ground and pound that fool
Another good fair fight. They are probably friends. They will be okay.
Bullshit video
Too short wtf...more video please...started off good
Black dude won you guys alway make it a racial thing
Way to not swing first and get hit for it dumbass.
Even I felt that black dudes first punch...crisp connection!
Soft ass white boys
The darker guy is strong! He didn't look as big as the lighter skin guy. He slammed him!!!
Was about to be a good fight
that wasnt really a fight
Sounded more like a faping war

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